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Hideko Taniguchi   Professor   Faculty of Languages and Cultures Department of Multicultural Society
[Presentations]   ldren’s Literature (University of Maastricht, The Netherlands), 2013.08.

Yukihiro Higashi   Professor   International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research Reseach Center for Next Generation Refrigerant Properties
[Papers]   ternational Congress of Refrigeration, Hague, The Netherlandsf PVT properties, vapor pressures and c...

Toru Chikui   Associate Professor   Faculty of Dental Science Department of Dental Science
[Presentations]   whole-body MRI system (Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands). A total of 99 cases were enrolled. ...

Hideki Shimada   Professor   Faculty of Engineering Department of Earth Resources Engineering
[Papers]   national Conference and Exhibition, Rotterdam THE NETHERLANDSHideki SHIMADA, Keisuke TAkAHASHI, Kiku...

Hideaki NISHI   Professor   Faculty of Law Department of Fundamental Legal Science
[Papers]   Chineselegal studies in the Netherlands, in: Hosei Kenkyu, vol.81, no.4, pp.534-485, 2015.3, [

Nobuko Hashiguchi   Professor   Faculty of Medical Sciences Department of Health Sciences
[Presentations]   e., ESC Congress (European Society of Cardiology)(Netherlands), 2013.08.

NAKASHIMA Kunihiko   Professor   Faculty of Engineering Department of Materials Science and Engineering
[Books]   液相拡散法による構造用セラミックス接合, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands, pp.111-134, 1998.10.

Midori Tuda   Associate Professor   Faculty of Agriculture Department of Bioresource Sciences
[Presentations]   nder environmental CO2 rise or species invasion., Netherlands-Japan Seminar on Parasitoid Biology, 2...

Mikako Tomotari   Associate Professor   Faculty of Design Department of Content and Creative Design
[Papers]   n the Kyushu Region,Religion and the Arts, Leiden,Netherlands;Koninklijke Brill NV(ブリル学術出版社)

Kumi Eguchi   Assistant Professor   Institute of Decision Science for a Sustainable Society
[Presentations]   erence of International Forum on Urbanism, Delft, Netherlands, 2009.11.

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