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Miki Nakao   Professor   Faculty of Agriculture Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology
[Papers]   n HJ, Dirks RP, Palmblad M, Lenhard B, Henkel CV, Spaink HP, A full-body transcriptome and proteome ...

Shigenobu Kainuma   Associate Professor   Faculty of Engineering
[Papers]   e Mechanics,Key Engineering Materials, Alicante, Spain

Jin Miyawaki   Associate Professor   Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering Department of Advanced Device Materials
[Presentations]   ions in EDLC electrode using solid-state NMR, 2nd Spain-Japan Joint Symposium for Advanced Supercapc...

Hideki Shimada   Professor   Faculty of Engineering Department of Earth Resources Engineering
[Papers]   nd Internatinal Conference and Exhibition, Madrid SPAINHideki Shimada, Takashi Senda, Takashi Sasa...

Takanori Uchida   Associate Professor   Research Institute for Applied Mechanics Division of Renewable Energy Dynamics
[Presentations]   lant of a solar chimney was erected in Manzanares Spain to evaluate the feasibility of the solar tow...

Masaru Itakura   Associate Professor   Faculty of Engineering Sciences Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
[Presentations]   aterials, Carbon Nanoyubes, and Nitrides, Sitges, Spain, (2008. 9. 7-11).

Kouichi Sakurai   Professor   Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering Department of Informatics
[Papers]   ternational Joint Conference, ICETE 2011 Seville, Spain, July 18-21, 2011 Revised Selected Papers

Andrew John Chapman   Associate Professor   International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research Energy Analysis Division
[Papers]   gy deployment. The examples of Germany, Italy and Spain are of particular note for their progress al...

asahiro Kazuo   Associate Professor   Faculty of Design Department of Environmental Design
[Presentations]   Hamlets of Rural Area in Northern Part of Aragon, Spain.

KUNGEN TEII TSUTSUI   Associate Professor   Faculty of Engineering Sciences Department of Advanced Energy Science and Engineering
[Presentations]   ional Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials, Spain, 2012..qir_handle_linkElectrical Characteris...

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