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Shinji WAKIYAMA Last modified date:2018.12.28

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Academic Degree
Doctor, Design
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Multiple-Image, Archives of Image for Exhibition, Presentations
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
My specialized field is "Multiple-Image" "Images for Exhibition" "Presentation". Multiple-Image is a general term of expression and a system to use more than one picture at the same time when telling a visual message. I'm studying about the function of the communication based on a special expression of this image. For example when what kind of picture is combined and used, it's effective and can a message be told efficiently? Or more than one animation and the appropriate construction by the still are being studied about something. A multiple-image is aiming to be utilized by cultural facilities in a museum, a commercial establishment, education and an enterprise public relations section, etc. for me effectively through this thing.
A study about presentation, I comprehensivize planning, preparation, personality, performance skills, and practice and study about methodology aiming at skill upgrading from the angle of "overall performance" about presentation.
An enterprise, an autonomous body and school relation are coming into action aiming at improvement of "the presentation ability" from upbringing of human resources and an educational viewpoint in recent years, and the chance when an outcome of this research is reflected has also increased.
I get support of the subsidy from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology from 2012 and am advancing "A study on record and preservation of exhibition picture works in international exposition". Almost no so-called "exhibition picture" produced for an exhibition and a show is a target of preservation and those keep being abrogated. Therefore I'm considering how it's possible to preserve exhibition picture as picture cultural heritage like a movie. This is a study aiming at an archive of the exhibition picture so that a movie may be preserved by "national film center". The similar subsidy is received from 2015, so it'll be expected to continue this study for 3 years now.
Research Interests
  • A prpject on comprehensive archives for exhibition pictures works
    keyword : Exhibition Image Works, Archives, International Exposition
  • A sutudy on record and preservation of exhibition pictures works for International Exposition
    keyword : Exhibition Image Works, Archives, International Exposition
  • Whereabout of Master Film Titled "Japan and Japanese" Screened for Japan Pvilion on EXPO'70
    keyword : Multiple Image, Image Display, Archives
  • Split Screen: position on history of multiple image and historical transition
    keyword : Multiple Image, Split Screen, History of Multiplle Image
  • Practical Education for Improving Presentation Skills from "Function on Presentation"
    keyword : Presentation, Function on Presentation, audience oriented
  • Reserch on Conservation of Multiple Image Works :Especially on EXPO'70
    keyword : Multiple Image, Film Conservation., EXPO'70
  • Aprication for Software of Graphical Imformation Suport with Split Screen
    keyword : SplitScreen, Visual Informatio Display, DemonPresen
  • Reserch on Data Base and Archives Making of Photograph
    keyword : photograph, data base, secondary use
  • A study on Salese Promotion for Presentation Software
    keyword : DemonPresen, Presentation
  • Reduction of Vibration and Driving Noise in Vistaflex Camera
    keyword : Motion Picture for Giant Screen , Vistaflex , Noise Reduction
  • A Study on Developement of Simple Display System for Multiple-Image
    keyword : Multiple-Image, Split Screen, Simple System
  • Skll Developement for Presenter
    keyword : Presenter, Technic, Practice
  • Split Screen on TVCM
    keyword : TVCM, Split Screen, Multiple Image
  • Characteristics of Communication on Multiple-Image
    keyword : Critical Image, Information Overload, Multiple Montage
Academic Activities
1. "Japan and Japanese" were shown as a picture work at a Japanese Government Pavilion by the held World Exposition in 1970. This is a Multiple-Image with 8 screens, and the width of the screen is a large picture of 48m. A director, Kon Ichikawa and a composer Naozumi.Yamamoto. When it no longer exist, this film had been called, but I found it in a private depot in Tokyo-to in June 2013.
A so-called exhibition picture like this work isn't preserved because a system is complicated and there is a transient side, and much is disposed of. When a contemporary valuable picture legacy doesn't improve the current state which isn't taken by the next generation over promptly, I become extinct as a subject of research and as the record which will be picture exhibition later. This raising the issue was written as "special contribution".
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Membership in Academic Society
  • Design Reserch Association
  • The Japan Society for Exhibition Studies
Educational Activities
I'm lecturing on the part of a study about a Multiple-Image. The class name is " produce theory for image expression ". But, it's necessary to acquire broad picture knowledge, so a student of visual communication design department is lecturing on the outline about history of image, concept, giant screen, promotion picture, presentation and digital cinema.
I'm also putting a practice subject into effect to learn this lecture through actual technique. This class name is "studio practice in expanded image expression ". It's the feature that this tuition produces a work of "Multiple-Image". Planning about production, coverage, photography, edit and a showing as well as this and earnings call are included in this. I devise it as this class will be an actual active simulation as possible.
I'm lecturing on an expression, technology, a system and practical use of picture exhibition through history of international exposition by graduate school. International exposition is overall design business, and technology, expression, human resources and operation include elements of the strategic design. Later, a lecture about presentation and a practice will be performed by a graduate school. I'm aiming to acquire knowledge and a skill overall about Planning, Preparation, Personality, Performance Skills, Practice for this. Presentation is an indispensable skill and is also important technology of communication in a practical business affair.