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Mutsumi Aoyagi Last modified date:2013.10.31

Professor / Department of Informatics, Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering
Interdisciplinary Computational Science Section
Research Institute for Information Technology

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Academic Degree
Dr. Sci
Field of Specialization
Computational Science, Computational Chemistry
Outline Activities
Mutsumi Aoyagi received Master degree from Keio University in 1983 and Doctor degree from Nagoya Univ. in 1987, respectively. He became an Postdoctoral fellow in Chemistry division of Argonne National Lab. in 1990, and he moved to Institute for Molecular Science as a associate Prof. He has been a Professor of Computing and Comunication Center at Kyushu University since 2002. Prof. Aoyagi's current research focuses on a wide variety of computational science and computational molecular science, utilizing grid technologies.
Research Interests
  • Coupled simulations on fluid dynamics
    keyword : Computational fluid dynamics, Parallel Computing
  • Development of parallel simulation codes on Nano-Science applications
    keyword : Grid Computing, Nano-Science, Distributed and Parallel Computing
Current and Past Project
  • NAREGI (National Research Grid Initiative) is one of the major Japanese national IT projects currently being conducted. NAREGI will cover the period of 2003-2007, and collaboration among industry, academia, and the government will play a key role in its success. The Center for Grid Research and Development has been established as a center for R&D of high–performance, scalable grid middleware technologies, which are aimed at enabling major computing centers to host grids over high-speed networks to provide a future computational infrastructure for scientific and engineering research in the 21st Century. As an example of utilizing such grid computing technologies, the Center for Application Research and Development is conducting research on leading-edge, grid-enabled nanoscience and nanotechnology simulation applications, which will lead to the discovery and development of new materials and next-generation nano-devices. These two centers are collaborating to establish daily research use of a multi-teraflop grid testbed infrastructure, which will be built to demonstrate the advantages of grid technologies for future applications in all areas of science and engineering.
Academic Activities
1. Kazutoshi Okadaa, Mutsumi Aoyagi, Suehiro Iwata,Accurate evaluation of Einstein's A and B coeficients of rovibrational transitions for carbon monoxide: spectral simulation of +v=2 rovibrational transitions in the solar atmosphere observed by a satellite,Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer,72(6), 813-825,2002.06. .
2. Kazutoshi Okadaa, Mutsumi Aoyagi, Suehiro Iwata,Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of MnIIIMnIIMnIII Complexes with Hydroxo Bridges ? Comparison of Magnetic Properties between Hydroxo and Alkoxo Bridged Complexes by the Density Functional Calculation,Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer,72(6), 813-825,2002.05. .
3. J.I. Choe, S.K. Chang, S. W. Ham, S. Nanbu, and M. Aoyagi,Ab Initio Study of p-tert-Butylcalix[4]crown-6-ether Complexed with Alkyl Ammonium Cations,Bull. Korean Chem. Soc.,22(11), 1248-1254,2001.11. .
4. S. Nanbu, S. K. Gray, T. Kinosita, and M. Aoyagi,Theoretical Study of the Potential Energy Surfaces and Bound States of HCP,J. Chem. Phys.,112, 5866,2000.09. .
5. Sigeo. Kondo, Koichi. Tokuhashi, and Mutsumi. Aoyagi,Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Studies of Isomerization Reaction from c-OSiH2O to t-OSiHOH,J. Molecular Struct(THEOCHEM),469, 25-30,1999.11. .
6. Takeshi. Nishikawa, Tomoko. Kinoshita, Sinkoh. Nanbu, and Mutsumi. Aoyagi,A Theoretical Study on Structures and Vibrational Spectra of C84 Fullerene Isomers,J. Molecular Struct,461/462, 453,1999.07. .
7. S. Kondo, K. Tokuhashi, M. Sugie, and M. Aoyagi,Ab Initio Study of PH2 + O2 Reaction by Gaussian-2 Theory,J. Phys. Chem.,103, 8082,1999.04. .
8. Toshinori. Suzuki, Hideki. Katayanagi, Sinkoh. Nanbu, and Mutsumi. Aoyagi,Nonadiabatic bending dissociation in 16 valence electron system OCS,J. Chem. Phys.,109, 6838,1998.07. .
9. S.I.Gheyas, T. Uris, S. Hirano, H. Watanabe, S. Iwata, M. Aoyagi, M. Nishino and H. Ogawa,Chemisorption of Deuterium on an Ultrathin Ge Film Deposited over Si(100)-2x1: Existence of a Dideuteride Phase,, Phys. Rev. B.,58, 9949-9954,1998.03. .
10. Shigeo. Kondo, Koichi. Tokuhashi, and Mutsumi. Aoyagi,Ab Initio Energetic Calculations of Elementary Reactions Relevant to Low-Temperature Silane Oxidation,J. Phys. Chem. A,101, 6015-6022,1997.11. .
11. Sinkoh. Nanbu, Satoshi. Minamino, and Mutsumi. Aoyagi,Theoretical Study of the Potential Energy Surfaces and Dynamics of CaNC/CaCN,J. Chem. Phys.,101, 6015-6022,1997.09. .
12. Takeshi. Kodama, Tatsuhisa. Kato, Koichi. Mogi, and Mutsumi. Aoyagi,ESR Measurments of C60 anion crystals,Mol. Phys. Report 18/19,121,1997.05. .
13. Parallel Computation of Density of States on PC Cluster. .
Membership in Academic Society
  • Information Processing Society of JAPAN
Educational Activities
2002-2004 numerical analysis
2002-2004 parallel algorithm
2002-2004 wide area distributed applications