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Atsushi Shibata Last modified date:2014.5.23

Professor / Department of Philosophy / Faculty of Humanities

1. The Dialogue on Catholicism between The Chinese and Western People in the late Ming period.
author:SHIBATA Atsushi
The Kyushu Chugoku Gakkai Ho(Studies in Chinese Language,Literature and Philosophy.
Number 40.2002
Published by The Sinological Society of Kyushu..
2. A study on The true meaning of the Lord of Heaven.
author:SHIBATA Atsushi
Tetsugaku Nenpo(Annual of Philosophy)
Number 59.2000
Published by Faculty of letters
Kyushu University.
3. On the meaning of the phrase :Since Yan-Zi passed away,the Wisdom of Confucius has perished.
author:SHIBATA Atsushi
The Nippon-Chugoku-Gakkai-Ho(Bulletin of Sinological Society of Japan)
Number 51.1999
Published by The Shinological Society of Japan.