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Yutaka Higashiguchi Last modified date:2019.06.10

Associate Professor / Art Studies
Department of Philosophy
Faculty of Humanities

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統合新領域学府 ユーザー感性学専攻 感性科学コース
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I am studying the relation between music and nature in aesthetics. Particularly, I take notice of the thought of Th. W. Adorno, who re-thought a problem of natural beauty as a central theme. Based on these studies on the history of ideas in modern aesthetics, I propose importance to think of today's problems, based not on "environment", but on "nature".
For education, I gvie lectures and seminars on aesthetics, modern culture, music, and photography.
Research Interests
  • The Similarity between Nature and Music in aesthetics of Th. W. Adorno
    keyword : Th.W.Adorno, Music, Nature, Mimesis, Aesthetics
    2002.05Study on the Similarity between Nature and Music in the Thought of Th.W. Adorno.
Academic Activities
1. On the "Silence" in Th. W. Adorno's Theory of Musical Language.
2. On the unfortunate but productive Relationship between Cinema and German Idealism.
3. Th. W. Adorno on Dissonance: A Study of his Philosophy of New Music..
4. Th.W.Adorno on "promesse du bonheur".
5. Yutaka Higashiguchi, The Aesthetics of Periphery without Center
--A New foundation of the Aesthetics of Nature, International Yearbook of Aesthetics, Vol.5, pp.71-79, 2002.03.
6. Th.W.Adorno on the Natural Character of Artworks.
7. Negative Dialectics and Mimesis in Adorno.
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