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List of Papers
Yutaka Higashiguchi Last modified date:2018.05.31

Associate Professor / Art Studies / Department of Philosophy / Faculty of Humanities

1. On the "Silence" in Th. W. Adorno's Theory of Musical Language.
2. On the unfortunate but productive Relationship between Cinema and German Idealism.
3. Th. W. Adorno on Dissonance: A Study of his Philosophy of New Music..
4. Th.W.Adorno on "promesse du bonheur".
5. Yutaka Higashiguchi, The Aesthetics of Periphery without Center
--A New foundation of the Aesthetics of Nature, International Yearbook of Aesthetics, Vol.5, pp.71-79, 2002.03.
6. The Social Character and Autonomy of Music
--A Study of Th.W.Adorno's Sociology of Music.
7. Th.W.Adorno on the Natural Character of Artworks.
8. Negative Dialectics and Mimesis in Adorno.
9. The Similarity between Nature and Music
--A Study on the Musical Thought of Th.W.Adorno.