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List of Papers
Akihiko Takagi Last modified date:2019.12.31

Professor / Department of History (Geography) / Department of History / Faculty of Humanities

1. National Land Planning/Raumordnung and Geopolitics?Geopolitik in wartime Japan.
2. Yamazaki Takashi, Akihiko Takagi, Kitagawa Shinya, Kagawa Yuichi, Reemerging Political Geography in Japan, 人文地理, 64, 6, 72-94, 2012.12.
3. Geography and Politics: In Retrospecting Studies in Political Geography.
4. Borders in the world.
5. TAKAGI Akihiko, An Essay on Geopolitical Writings in the Magazine Kaizo during the Asia-Pacific War in Japan, Critical and radical geographies of the social, the spatial and the political, 2006.08.
6. Measures of Diet members and spatial transformation of political organizations with the introduction of the new election system: a case study of Nagasaki prefecture, Japan.
7. An essay on geopolitical writings in the magazine Kaizo during the Asia-Pacific War in Japan.