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Mariko Igimi Last modified date:2019.05.20

Professor / Fundamental Legal Science
Department of Fundamental Legal Science
Faculty of Law

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Roman Law
Outline Activities
Prof. Dr. Mariko Igimi-Yasutake worked at the Faculty of Law and Letters of the Ehime-University from 1996 to 2002 at first as a lecturer and later as an associate professor, after recieving a doctor's degree from the Kyushu University in 1995, and is an associate professor at the Faculty of Law at the Kyushu University since April 2002, full professor since April 2007.
Research Interests
  • locatio conductio and "slave work" in Ancient Rome
    keyword : Roman Contract Law, Roman Slavery, Work Reform
  • Rechtsdenken des roemischen Volk
    keyword : Roman Law, People of Rome, Plautus, legal consciousness, consensus, contract
  • Humor for Lawyers
    keyword : Roman Law, Papinianus, Legal Reasoning, Legal Analogy
  • From nudum pactum to consensual contract.
    keyword : Roman Law, Law of Contract, Law of Obligation, pactum
    2004.04From pactum to contractus.
Current and Past Project
  • Reception of European Legal Concepts in East Asia
  • Reception and Friction of Legal Consepts in Multicultural Society.
Academic Activities
1. Occupatio in Roman Everyday Life.
2. Zum Rechtswissen des römischen Volks.Recht als ,,fontes risus“ in der plautinischen Komädien.
3. contrarius consensus.
4. contrarius consensus.
5. On renuntiatio mandati in Gai. D.17,1,27 (9 ed.prov.)..
1. Mariko Igimi, Funny Laws. Legal Knowledge of the Audience of Plautine Comedies, Societé International de Histoir de Droit Antiquitè, 2012.09.
2. (German)
Die Wirkung des Konsens --- Zum Koexistenz der Konsensualkontrakten und Stipulationen.
Educational Activities
Contract Law, Roman Law, Seminars, legal Japanese, Introduction to the Japanese legal history etc.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2015.04.
  • 2010.04, The project " Internationalizing Japanese Undergraduates in Law" has been accepted as an EEP project..