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Mark Dalton Fenwick Last modified date:2017.12.11

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
BA(Hons) M.Phil. Ph.D. LAW
Field of Specialization
Criminology, Transnational Business Law
Outline Activities
My main current activities consist of three activities:
1. Research on various issues related to transnational business law;
2. Teaching various courses in the Faculty of Law;
3. Administrative activities primarily related to the International Programs in the Graduate School of Law, Kyushu University.
Research Interests
  • White Collar Crime, Corporate Crime and Corporate Culture
    keyword : (1) White Collar Crime (2) Criminology        (3) Corporate governance (4) Business Ethics
Current and Past Project
  • An examination of how corporate culture contributes to white collar crime.
Academic Activities
1. Mark Dalton Fenwick, Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership After the Panama Papers, Report for the World Bank, Report for the World Bank, 2016.09, [URL].
1. MARK DALTON FENWICK, The new firm: Staying relevant, unique & competitive, European Business Organization Law Review, 2016, 2016.06.
2. Mark FENWICK, 'Japan’s response to 9/11’, in Global Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy, edited by Victor Ramraj, Michael Hor & Kent Roach, ケンブリッジ大学出版, (2011年). , 2011.05.
3. Mark FENWICK, 'Corporate crime and the limits of the law’ in Facing the Limits of the Law, edited by Erik Claes, Springer Press, (2009). , 2009.09.
4. Mark FENWICK, 'Racial victimization in Japan: the politics of race in a “mono-ethnic” society, in Racist Victimisation: International Reflections and Perspectives, edited by Winterdyk, J. A. and Antonopoulos, G. A., Ashgate Press, (2009)., 2009.05.
5. Mark FENWICK, ‘Emergency powers and the rule of law in Japan’, in Emergency Powers in Asia, edited by Victor Ramraj, ケンブリッジ大学出版, (2009年). , 2009.05.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Co-translater of JSPS Application Forms from Japanese to English, 2012-2016.