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List of Presentations
Toshimichi Kimura Last modified date:2019.10.04

Professor / Political Science / Department of Political Science / Faculty of Law

1. Kingship and Counsellors: The Art of Politics in the Jacobean Britain .
2. From ancient prudence to modern philosophy?: Political arts of Machiavelli, Bacon, and Hobbes.
3. Toshimichi Kimura, Orpheus' Theatre: Civility and Empire before the British Revolution, Kyushu University Early Modern Intellectual History Seminar, 2017.03.
4. Conquest, Colony, and Composite Monarchy: History and Memory of the Early Modern Ireland.
5. Toshimichi Kimura, Comment on Daniela Coli 'Hobbes's Rome: Between Tacitus and Machiavelli', 関西大学法学研究所第50回シンポジウム「ホッブズのローマ:タキトゥスとマキアヴェッリの間で」, 2015.09.
6. Conquest and Civility: Renaissance Humanism in the Early Modern Ireland.
7. Court and Empire: The Origins of Civility in the Early Modern Britain.
8. The Idea of Monarchy in the European Political Thought.
9. Conversation, Civility, and Court in the Early Modern England.
10. Idea of Civility in the Western World.
11. Politics, Civility, and Culture in the History of European Political Thought .
12. The World of Chesterfield:Politics of Common Sense , [URL].
13. Civilized Republic: Harrington's Oceana and the Myth of Venice.
14. Politics and Civility in Early Modern England 1531-1774.
15. Politics and Civility in Early Modern Britain.
16. An Essay on the Political Study on Forms, [URL].
17. Civility and Diplomacy: From Machiavelli to Edmund Burke.
18. Dialogue between John Locke and Shaftesbury: Civility and Grand Tour in the Early Modern England.
19. Politics of Councellor: Francis Bacon and the Renaissance England.
20. From Court to Civil Society: Politics and Conversation in the Early Modern Britain.
21. From Court to Civil Society: Civility and Politics in the Early Modern England.
22. Francis Bacon and the British Problem.