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List of Papers
Toshimichi Kimura Last modified date:2019.10.04

Professor / Political Science / Department of Political Science / Faculty of Law

1. Toshimichi Kimura, Orheus' Theatre: Civility and Empire before the Civil War, Hosei Kenkyu (『法政研究』), 85, 3・4, 1475 (699)-1496 (720), 2019.03, [URL].
2. Politics of Monarchism: Civility and Policy in Early Modern England.
3. , [URL].
4. The World of Lord Chesterfield: Politics and Coversation in Eighteenth-Century England .
5. Politics and Civility in Early Modern Britain 1528-1774.
6. Civilized Republic: Harrington's Oceana and the Myth of Venice.
7. Civility, Negotiation, and Diplomacy: From Machiavelli to Edmund Burke.
8. Civility and Grand Tour: Dialogue between John Locke and Shaftesbury.
9. From Court to Civil Society: Courtesy and Civility in Early Modern Britain.