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Hongting Jia Last modified date:2018.06.07

Academic Degree
Engineering Doctor
Field of Specialization
Electromagnetic Engineering
Research Interests
  • Reasarch on matching circuits with AI technology
    keyword : wireless telecommunication, VLSI, AI, circuit theory
  • Reasarch on monitoring system to farmland moisture using RF-LSI technology
    keyword : wireless telecommunication, VLSI, microwave, sensor
  • Reasarch on ultra wide band antenna and compact antenna
    keyword : wireless telecommunication, VLSI, microwave, antenna
  • Research on system LSI for the next generation wireless telecommunications
    keyword : wireless telecommunication, VLSI, microwave
  • Research on negative refractive index artificial material and photonic crystal
    keyword : negative refractive index, photonic crystal, periodic strcture
    1999.09Study of Metanaterials and photonic crystals.
  • Aplication of the microwave and millimeter wave in nondestructive detection
    keyword : microwave and millimeterwave, breast cancer, land mine
    1999.04Aplication of the microwave and millimeter wave in nondestructive detection.
  • Analysis of microwave circuit and mirowave devices
    keyword : microwave circuit, mirowave devices, waveguide, discontinuity, inset dielectric guide
    1994.04Analysis of microwave circuit and mirowave devices.
Current and Past Project
  • A fully ubiquitous information society needs the communication technologies with high mobility, high personalization, high speed, and high capacity. To respond these demands, a further development in both the wireless communication systems and optical communication systems is requested under a closer contact with each other. The wireless communications are capable of responding to the demands of the mobility and personality, whereas the optical communications are responsible for the demands to high speed and high capacity. The global communication systems friendly to users will be accomplished through an effective combination of wireless and optical communication technologies.

    In wireless communication systems, one of the expected technologies is the miniaturized, wideband, integrated, and intelligent antennas for use in various wireless systems such as ADHOC, Software Defined Radio, UWB, MIMO, and Wireless LAN. Another important technology is the construction of novel broadband wireless LANs for mobile multimedia use and multi-dimensional networks use. The high performance of antenna elements will be capable of realizing the broadband, multi-bands, multi-beams, and adaptively controllable wireless LANs.

    In the optical communication systems, on the other hand, the dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems and all optical systems are becoming of urgent necessity as a backbone for high- speed and high-capacity optical networks. The key technologies in DWDM systems are narrowband optical filters, optical add/drop circuits, integrated WDM devices, wideband dispersion compensation devices, and wideband optical amplifiers. The all optical systems requires the development of optical signal processing devices and optical switching components which optically control the amplitude, phase, wavelength, polarization, and propagation path of optical signals.

    The objective of the present project is to investigate the above-mentioned key technologies and related core subjects in physical layers of advanced wireless and optical communication systems under the collaboration with 5 institutions in Japan and 6 institutions in India. The partnered 11 institutions are well known as the COE of science and technology in Japan and India. .Our final goal is to contribute to issuing the international standardization initiated from Asia through the research and development of novel intelligent antennas for use in wireless LANs and optical fiber devices and integrated optical devices for use in DWDM and all optical systems.

    Although Japan and India are recognized to be nations having advanced communication and information technology, the government-based mutual interaction and cooperation in the field of communication technology has not been well promoted so far. Taking into account of the recent trend of globalization of the related technologies, it is very important for both nations to construct a closer partnership in research on the advanced area of wireless and optical communications.

    The aim of the project is not a development of products for industrial applications but a scientific research work on the basic subjects in physical layers required for future wireless and optical communication systems. Through a solid collaboration in the project, it is expected that the scientific exchange between Japan and India will be further promoted. This will be effective to create a scientific Asian community among professionals working microwaves and optical technology and hence to contribute an international globalization of communication technologies initiated from Asia.
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • IEE Japan