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Junichi Murata Last modified date:2017.08.02

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering, Master of Engineering
Field of Specialization
Control Engineering, Systems Engineering
Outline Activities
Research activities: Systems are appropriately operated by a series of operations: data acquisition, analysis, decision, and manipulation. When we target, rather than individual machine or devices, large-scale complex systems with uncertainties originated from human activities or weather conditions, appropriate operation becomes difficult. Aiming at developing optimization and learning techniques that are useful to deal with such difficult systems and their applications to energy management systems, I have been and am conducting research on improvement of evolutionary computation and reinforcement learning techniques, and on data analysis, modelling, operation planning and control that contribute to better energy management.
Educational activities: Through lectures on control engineering, systems engineering, intelligent control and applied linear algebra, I try to equip students with abilities for systems-approach-based solution of problems. I also make efforts to educate students through research supervision so that they can find and solve problems on their own.
Activities for society: As a member of administration and surveying committees in institutes and societies, I have made some contribution to activities of the institutes and exchanges of information between researchers. I also conduct joint research with research institutes and companies.
Research Interests
  • Evolutionary computation
    keyword : optimization, learning classifier systems, interactive optimization, differential evolution
  • Reinforcement learning
    keyword : Reinforcement learning, Machine learning, Automatic control
    2001.04Reinforcement learning.
  • Research on energy management systems
    keyword : Electrical power, Renewable energy, Energy consumption behaviours, Optimization, Big data
  • Demand-supply control in power systems with a large number of photovoltaic systems installed
    keyword : Global warming, Photovoltaic systems, Power systems, Demand-supply control, Insolation prediction, Optimization
  • Solution and its applications of optimization problems with unknown parts and/or uncertainties
    keyword : Optimization, Decision making, Uncertainties
    2008.04~2016.03Distributedlly evaluated multi-objective optimization. Multi-objective optimization problems aim at optimization of multiple objective functions. Their solution methods usually assume that a single person evaluates the objective functions and finds the solution. In real world, however, a number of people evaluate the objective functions and a few other people do the decision making, which makes the problem solution difficult. In the research, this kind of problems is called a distributedlly evaluated multi-objective optimization problem, and its solution method and applications, especially to public transport systems are developed..
  • Multi-agent systems
    keyword : Multi-agent systems, Learning, Agent-based simulations
    2001.04~2010.03Multi-agent systems.
Current and Past Project
  • Methods are being developed for coordinated operation of renewable-energy-based networks and large-scale power grids and for operation and control in renewable-energy-based networks.
Academic Activities
1. Junichi Murata, Masato Saruwatari and Satoshi Hashikawa, Multiple-Attribute Decision Making with Estimation of Preferences of Multiple Evaluators, Proceedings of the SICE Annual Conference 2010, 1466-1471, 2010.08.
2. Junichi Murata and Kentaro Kitahara, Multiple-Attribute Decision Making with Interactive Estimation of User Preference, Proceedings of the 10th IASTED International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications, 2010.02.
3. M.A.S. Kamal and Junichi Murata, Reinforcement learning for problems with symmetrical restricted states, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 56, 9, 717–727, 2008.09.
4. M.A.S.Kamal and J.Murata, Coordination in multiagent reinforcement learning systems by virtual reinforcement signals, International Journal of Knowledge-based and Intelligent Engineering Systems, Vol.11, No.3, 181-191, 2007.05.
5. Junichi Murata, Yasuomi Abe, Keisuke Ota, Introduction and control of subgoals in reinforcement learning, Proc. of IASTED International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications 2007, 2007.02.
Membership in Academic Society
  • 学外
Other Educational Activities
  • 2005.06.
Professional and Outreach Activities
My contributions to the society are through activities in institutions and societies, and joint research. As a member of administration and surveying committees in institutes and societies as well as organizing committees for domestic/international conferences, I have made some contribution to activities of the institutes and exchanges of information between researchers. I also conduct joint research with research institutes and companies..