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List of Presentations
Masaharu Shiratani Last modified date:2019.02.18

Professor / Division of Electronic Devices / Department of Electronics / Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

1. Photoluminescence of (ZnO)0.73(InN)0.27 fabricated by sputter epitaxy.
2. Deposition of a-C:H films using H-assisted plasma CVD method together with tailored voltage waveforms.
3. Electron spin resonance spectroscopy of radish sprout seeds irradiated using atmospheric air dielectric barrier discharge plasmas.
4. A New Approach to Sputter Epitaxy for Growth of Thin Films with Atomically-Flat Surface on Large Lattice Mismatched Substrates.
5. Rate-limiting steps in plasma-catalytic methanation process of CO2.
6. Catalytic enhancement of polymer counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cells.
7. Dust collection experiments using a compact drift tube in a divertor simulator.
8. Time evolution of cluster amount in downstream of SiH4 multi-hollow discharge plasmas.
9. Effects of ion irradiation on a-C:H films deposited by Ar+H2+C7H8 plasma CVD.
10. Envelope analysis of laser light scattering intensity from nanoparticles formed in reactive plasmas : Modulation frequency dependence.
11. Sputter deposition of high quality (ZnO)x(InN)1-X films by controlling O2/N2 partial pressure.
12. Control of Ge nanoparticles Size Embedded in SiO2 by Plasma Sputtering.
13. Effects of Plasmairradiation Distance on Oxidation Reaction in Liquid Induced by He/O2 Plasma-jet Irradiation.
14. Inter-grain Potential between Two Dust Grains in Ar Plasma.
15. Effects of Substrate Surface Texture on Si-H2 Bond Configuration in a-Si:H Films.
16. Contribution of Surface Reactions to Si-H2 Bond Formation in a-Si:H Thin Films.
17. Reaction Rate of CH4 Generation in CO2 - H2 Helicon Plasmas.
18. Contribution of Clusters and SiH3 Radicals to Si-H2 Bond Formation in a-Si:H Films.
19. Strategy for Suppressing Fluctuations of Plasma Nano-processing.
20. Pressure Dependence of Size of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized by RF Sputtering Plasma Irradiation to Ionic Liquid.
21. Optical Bandgap Energy Control of Nano-crystalline Si Films by using a Multi-hollow Discharge Plasma CVD Method.
22. Growth of Silkworms Irradiated by Atmospheric Pressure Air Plasmas.
23. Inter generation transport of Plasma Growth Enhancement to Arabidopsis Thaliana.
24. Effects of dust deposition on optical characteristics of substrates.
25. In-situ mass measurement of dust particles generated due to interaction between H2 plasma and graphite wall .
26. Non-equilibrium and extreme state: high-mobility amorphous In2O3:Sn films prepared via nitrogen-mediated amorphization .
27. Analysis of coupling between nanoparticles and radicals using pertubataion of radical density in reactive plasmas.
28. Growth processes of nanopartilces in processing plasmas and their control.
29. Fabrication of crystal Ge films using RF sputtering and metal catalyst .
30. Fabrication of highly stable a-Si:H PIN solar cells using cluster suppression method.
31. Low resistive ZnO:Al films with ZnO buffer layers fabricated by Ar/N2 magnetron sputtering.
32. Study of interaction between plasma fluctuation and nucleation of nanoparticle in plasma CVD.
33. Deposition of SiOx-CH3 nano-particles on fine pattern substrate.
34. Evaluation of the flux of carbon particles generated plasma-carbon wall interaction to substrates.
35. Current density-voltage characteristics of the sensitized solar cell
using Si nanoparticles and Ru dye
36. Fabrication of surface-nitrided Si particles by double multi-hollow discharges.
37. Preparation of microcrystalline silicon films under high gas pressure condition.
38. Deposition of nano-particles onto micro trench substrates.
39. Conductivity of P-doped a-Si:H films deposited using multi-hollow plasma CVD.
40. Deposition of B-doped a-Si:H using by SiH4+ B10H14 multi-hollow discharge plasma CVD.
41. Fabrication of surface nitrided Si particles applying double multi-hollow discharge plasma.
42. Mapping of crystallinity of ?c-Si thin films deposited under high gas pressure.
43. Surface nitridation of silicon particles by double multi-hollow discharges.
44. 2-dimensional mapping of crysallinity of μc-Si films deposited under high gas pressure.
45. Dependence of deposition profile of plasma CVD carbon films on substrate temperature.
46. Growth rate enhancement of radish sprouts using oxygen plasma.
47. Deposition of B doped a-Si:H using SiH4+ B0H4 multi-hollow discharge plasma CVD.
48. Effects of wall potential on flux of dust particles generated due to Interaction between H plasmas and graphite.
49. Effects of Discharge Power Fluctuation on Growth of Nano-Particles in Reactive Plasmas
50. Light intensity dependence of photo current of nano-particle sensitized solar cells.
51. XPS Analyses of Plasma Interactions with Soft Materials - Effects of Photoemissions in UV-VUV regions on Nano Surface -.
52. Analysis of Plasma-Polymer Interactions Using Combinatorial Plasma-Process Analyzer (IV).
53. Transport of nanoparticlecloud having a fractional elementary charge by amplitude modulating pulse discharges.
54. Deposition of P doped a-Si:H in using SiH4+PH3 multi-hollow discharge plasma CVD
55. Analysis of Plasma-Polymer Interactions Using Combinatorial Plasma-Process Analyzer (III)
56. Synthesis of Si nanoparticles using plasma CVD and their application for the third generation photovoltaics
57. Oxidation of cystein using oxygen/water vapor RF plasma
58. Nano-Surface Analysis of Plasma-Polymer Interactions for Development of Low-Temperature and Low-Damage Plasma Processes
59. Formation of Inorganic / Organic Hybrid Structures via Low-Temperature and Low-Damage Plasma Processes
60. Mie scattering measurement of growing process of nanotube-clusters under convection-free arc discharge
61. Plasma Processes Technology.
62. Well-established compact combinatorial plasma etching process for organic low-k films in inductively coupled H2/N2 plasma
63. Towards Control of Fluctuation of Plasma Processing(シンポジウム講演)
64. Electron density measurements of Ar+H2+C7H8 plasmas
65. In-situ sampling of dust particles in LHD using a polyhedral holder
66. Influence of perturbation of discharge power on ion density