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Hidenori Tachida Last modified date:2018.06.07

Professor / dynamic biology
Department of Biology
Faculty of Sciences

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Science (Kyushu University)
Field of Specialization
Population Genetics
Outline Activities
Genomic diversity between and within species reflects factors having affected evolution of the organisms in the past. Population genetics analyzes the present status of genetics diversity and makes inferences on the roles of those factors such as mutation, selection and population structure. I have been using population genetics to understand mechanisms of evolution. Both theoretical and emprical approaches have been taken.

1. Theoretical studies of nearly neutral mutations.
Weakly selected variants are considered important in oraganismal evolution. Molecular evolution of nearly neutral mutations are analyzed assuming various population structures including those with temporal changes.

2. Empirical studies on the relatinoship among species characteristics, evolutionary factors and genetic diversity.
Species have their own genetic and ecological characteristics. We are surveying genetic diversity of organisms having different charcteristics concerning generation time and geographical population strucuture and trying to understand relationships of those characteristics to magnitudes and patterns of genetic diverisity.

Educational activity
Basic Biological Sciences Ⅰ (graduate level)
Evolutionary Analysis (undergraduate level)
Introduction to Population Biology (undergraduate level)
Research Interests
  • Analyses of genetic variation in tree populations using Genotype-by-sequencing
    keyword : MIG-seq method, genetic variation, tree populations
  • Population genetic analyses of tree populations using amplicon sequencing
    keyword : population genetics, population history, natural selection, tree populations, next generation sequencing
  • Population genetic studies on the characteristics of gene evolution in tree species having contrasting population structure
    keyword : tree population, genetic variation, Cryptomeria japonica, Zanthoxylum ailanthoides
  • Population genetic analyses of the mechanisms of species formation
    keyword : speciation, populations structure, cichlid
  • Theoretical studies on gene evolution under weak selection
    keyword : nearly neutral model, genetic drift, geographical structure of populations, population size
    2000.04~2019.03Theoretical study of nearly neutral mutations: When selection is weak, interaction with other factors such as mutation, population structure and recombination becomes important in gene evolution. In this study, behavior of weakly selcted mutants (nearly neutral mutants) is analyzed assuming various population structures including those with temporal changes..
  • Molecular population genetic studies on disturbed mangrove forests
    keyword : mangrove, genetic diversity, population structure
    2001.04~2004.03Moleclar population genetic study of disturbed populations of mangroves in Vietnam: Various mangrove species with different demographic characteristics are analyzed to understand relationships between those characteristics and genetic diverisities..
  • General properties of molecular evolution in conifer and their relation to adaptation in trees
    keyword : conifer, gene evolution, polymorphism
    2000.04~2010.03Geenral properties of molecular evolution in conifers and their relation to adaptaion: Conifers have very differnt ecological and genetic characteristics from those of annual plants and thus are expected to haave experienced their own evolutionary pathways. We first investigate general properties of their evolution and then study how adaptive evolution occurs in those species..
Academic Activities
1. K. Maeda, M. Takeda, K. Kamiya, M. Aibara, S. I. Mzighani, M. Nishida, S. Mizoiri, T. Sato, Y. Terai, N. Okada, H. Tachida, Population structure of two closely related pelagic cichlids in Lake Victoria, Haplochromis pyrrhocephalus and H. laparogramma. , Gene, 441, 67-73, 2009.05.
2. H. Nagai, T. Yoshida, K. Kamiya, T. Yahara and H. Tachida, Development and characterization of microsatellite markers in Zanthoxylum ailanthoides (Rutaceae). , Mol. Ecol. Res., 9: 667–669., 2009.01.
3. Akihiro Fujimoto, Tomoyuki Kado, Hiroshi Yoshimaru, Yoshihiko Tsumura and Hidenori Tachida, Adaptive and Slightly Deleterious Evolution in a Conifer, Cryptomeria japonica. , Journal of Molecular Evolution, 67: :201-210, 2008.10.
4. K. Kamiya, E. Moritsuka, T. Yoshida, T. Yahara, and H. Tachida, High population differentiation and unusual haplotype structure in a shade-intolerant pioneer tree species, Zanthoxylum ailanthoides (Rutaceae) revealed by analysis of DNA polymorphism at four nuclear loci., Mol. Ecol., 17: 2329-2338., 2008.05.
5. K. Maeda, H. Takeshima, S. Mizoiri, N. Okada, M. Nishida and H. Tachida, Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in the cichlid fish in Lake Victoria, Haplochromis chilotes., Mol. Ecol. Resources, 8, 428-430., 2008.02.
Educational Activities
Basic Biological Sciences Ⅰ (graduate level)
Evolutionary Analysis (undergraduate level)
Population Biology (undergraduate level)