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KENJI FURUYA Last modified date:2018.05.21

Professor / Molecular Science, Department of Molecular and Material Sciences, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of engineering Sciences
Division for Experimental Natural Science
Faculty of Arts and Science

Graduate School

Academic Degree
Dr. Science
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Molecular Spectroscopy, Chemical Reaction Dynamics, Plasma Chemistry
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Chemical reactions between a molecule and an ion in vacuum play a crucial role for plasma chemistry and interstellar chemistry. The drastic development of computers and computational chemistry make it possible to predict the properties of the chemical reaction processes in detail. I am pursuing the thorough understanding of chemical reaction processes of ions and radicals through the following approaches using experimental and computational techniques:

# Development of new experimental methods in mass spectrometry and molecular spectroscopy
# Growth of molecules in reactive plasmas
# Detail comparison between experimental results and quantum chemistry calculations

I am in charge of a few class of KIKAN education for undergraduate students, and developing news classes for active learning.
I am in charge of a few class for graduate students.

[Social activities]
Vice-chairman of the 12th Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Molecular Science
Chairman of the Symposium for Reaction Path Search 2018
Research Interests
  • Dynamics and properties of Coulomb crystals in plasmas
    keyword : plasma, crystal
    2017.02Studies on the reaction dynamics in reactive plasmas.
  • Chemical reaction in reactive plasmas
    keyword : plasma, chemical reaction dynamics
    2002.04Studies on the reaction dynamics in reactive plasmas.
  • Experimental and Quantum chemistry study on Ion-molecule reactions
    keyword : chemical reaction, collision, dynamics, quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics
    2008.04Synthesis of nanoparticles in slutions using gas-liquid ingerface discharge.
  • Dissociation mechanisms of highly excited neutral molecules and positive ions
    keyword : chemical reaction dynamics
    1990.04Studies on the dissociation dynamics of electronically highly excited molecules and positive ions prepared by electron- and photon-impact on the basis of the optical emission, mass analysis and translation energy measurements.
Academic Activities
1. Kenji Furuya, Akihiro Ide, Akira Harata, Mass spectrometric investigation of high-mass neutral species in the downstream region of Ar/CH4 plasmas, Journal of Applied Physics, 10.1063/1.3605543, 110, 1, 013304, 2011.07, Mass analysis was carried out on neutral species in the downstream region of Ar/CH4 plasmas. The ionization of the neutral species by Li+ attachment, which can inhibit the fragmentation accompanied by ionization in most cases, successfully led to the observation of high-mass neutral hydrocarbons containing up to twenty-seven carbon atoms. Pure Ar and Ar/H2 plasmas were also used to investigate the influence of sputtering of an amorphous hydrocarbon (a-C:H) film deposited during the generation of the Ar/CH4 plasmas. In addition, time dependence of intensity in several neutral species accompanied by the growth of the a-C:H film and its CH4 partial pressure dependence were observed for the first time. On the basis of the present experimental results, the desorption of high-mass neutral molecules from the film to the gas phase is concluded..
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