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List of Books
Noriho Kamiya Last modified date:2019.06.24

Professor / Department of Applied Chemistry / Faculty of Engineering

1. 神谷 典穂, 森 裕太郎, Substrate engineering of microbial transglutaminase for site-specific protein modification and bioconjugation, Springer , Transglutaminases -Multiple Functional Modifiers and Targets for New Drug Discovery-
Editors K. Hitomi, L. Fesus, S. Kojima
Springer, Chapter 17, p.373-383 (2015), 2016.01.
2. 神谷 典穂, K. MIyawaki, S. Noji, Transglutaminase-mediated in situ hybridization (TransISH) for mRNA detection in mammalian tissues, Springer Science+Business Media, NY, In Situ Hybridization Methods, vol.99 (G. Hauptmann (ed.))
Neuromethods, Chapter 29, p.549-558 (2015), 2015.04.
3. N. Kamiya, H. Abe, New fluorescent substrates of microbial transglutaminase and its application to covalent protein labeling, Humana Press, NY, Bioconjugation Protocols, Second Edition
Methods in Molecular Biology, Chapter 9, 2011.08.
4. T.Maruyama, N.Kamiya, M.Goto, Chapter 9 Modification of lipases.