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Akira Imai Last modified date:2019.06.24

Professor / Earth System Engineering / Department of Earth Resources Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. About the GREAT 2008 Symposium on Earth Sciences, Resources and Environments in Thailand, and Mineral Resources Information Presented in the Field Excursion.
2. Yamamoto, M., Kawano, Y., Imai, A. and Nishimura, K., Miocene granites and the Hishikari gold deposits in Kyushu., AIST, The Origin of Granites and Related Rocks. Hutton V Symposium. Geol. Surv. Japan, Interim-Report no. 28, 61-80. National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology., 2003.08.
3. Imai, A., Muyco, J. D., Domingo, E. G., Almeda, R. L., Villones, R. I., Jr., Yumul, G. P., Jr., Damasco, F. V., Baluda, R. P., Malihan, T. D., Datuin, R. T., Punongbayan, R. S., Listanco, E. L. and Santos, R. A., Porphyry copper and gold mineralization in the Philippines., 29th IGC Field Trip guidebook., 29th IGC Field Trip guidebook. 6, 173-202., 1992.08.
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