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yoshinobu wakata Last modified date:2017.08.14

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Academic Degree
Doctorate of Science
Field of Specialization
Dynamics of ocean and atmosphere
Outline Activities
Ocean turbulence is investigated using Large Eddy Simulation (LES). Furthermore, the dynamic processes in the East China Sea has been researched through the numerical general circulation model, simple theoretical model, and satellite data analysis.
Research Interests
  • Numerical Simulation of Ocean turbulence
    keyword : ocean turbulence, Large Eddy Simulation
  • Simulation of Venusian Atmosphere
    keyword : Venusian Atmosphere
  • Interannual variability of Kuroshio volume transport
    keyword : Kurohio volume transport
    1997.04Interannual variability of Kuroshio volume transport was investigated by an ocean general circulation model and a theoretical simple model..
  • Seasonal variability of Sea surface height
    keyword : Sea surface height, seasonal variability
    1999.01~2002.03The seasonal variability of sea surface height in the Pacific ocean was investigated through the Satellite data analysis and model simulation..
  • Resonance of equatorial Kelvin waves
    keyword : equatorial waves, Kelvin waves, resonance
    1997.01~2001.03The Kelvin wave, excited by an intraseasonal wind forcing with a 40-day period over the western Pacific Ocean, was simulated using an ocean general circulation model, and was investigated by the use of spectral analysis..
  • Frequency-wavenumber spectra of equatorial waves detected from satellite altimeter data
    keyword : equatorial waves, Kelvin waves, Rossby waves
    2005.06~2009.03The sea surface height anomaly in the Pacific equatorial area was separated into equatorial modes using satellite altimeter data. The power-spectral density (PSD) was obtained for the east-west wavenumber and frequency for each separated mode. The PSD distribution was compared with the theoretical dispersion curve for the equatorial modes derived by Matsuno (1966). The low-order Rossby modes have a high-density distribution that is slightly lower than the theoretical dispersion curve, but the Kelvin mode and the higher Rossby modes have high-density distribution that almost matches each dispersion curve. Results of analyses of satellite observational data show that wave motion near the equator mainly shows characteristics of equatorial waves, especially for a short time scale..
  • Ocean dynamics of East China Sea
    keyword : East China Sea, sea surface height
    2005.03Variability of the flow field in the East China Sea is investigated using an ocean general circulation model and satellite altimeter data..
Academic Activities
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7. M. Ioualalen, Y. Wakata, Y, Kawahara, Y. Gouriou, D. Varillon, Variability of the sea surface salinity (SSS) in the western tropical Pacific: On the ability of an OGCM to simulate the SSS, and on the sampling of an operating merchant ship SSS network, Journal of Oceanography, 59, 1, 2003.01.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Advanced Marine Science and Technology Society
  • Seasonal variability of sea surface height in the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea