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Shuzo Kumagai Last modified date:2019.05.22

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Health and Exercise Epidemiology
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Research Interests
  • Basic and applied research for constructions of health promotion programs
    keyword : Health promotion, Health and Exercise Epidemiology, Health Behavioral Science, Health Policy, Evaluation of public health program, Exercise Physiology・Biochemistry, Metabolism・Internal secretion
    1991.041 Theoritical consideration for health promotion 2 Development and evaluation of health programe for diabetes mellitus 3 Obeservational and intervention studies on fall, cognitive function, and mental health in elderly persons in local community 4 Molcular biological study for skeletal muscle adaptation to exercise.
Academic Activities
1. Kumagai,S., Meyer and Meyer Sport, Oxford, Exercise and Type2 diabetes mellitus.In Exercise and Disease:Prevention Through Training.157-167, 2004.01.
1. Radak, Z, Kumagai, S, Taylor, A.W., Nito, H., and Goto,S., Effects of exercise on brain function: role of free radicals, Appl. Physiol. Nutr. Metabolism, 32: 942-946,2007, 2007.09.
1. Yu Nofuji, Masataka Suwa, Haruka Sasaki, Atsushi Ichimiya, Reiko Nishichi and Shuzo Kumagai, Different circulating brain-derived neurotrophic factor responses to acute exercise between physically active and sedentary subjects., Journal of Sports and Medicine, 11,83-88, 2012.03, Although circulating brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) level is affected by both acute and chronic physical activity, the interaction of acute and chronic physical activity was still unclear. In this study, we compared the serum and plasma BDNF responses to maximal and submaximal acute exercises between physically active and sedentary subjects. Eight active and 8 sedentary female subjects participated in the present study. Both groups performed 3 exercise tests with different intensities, i.e. 100% (maximal), 60% (moderate) and 40% (low) of their peak oxygen uptake. In each exercise test, blood samples were taken at the baseline and immediately, 30 and 60 min after the test. The serum BDNF concentration was found to significantly increase immediately after maximal and moderate exercise tests in both groups. In maximal exercise test, the pattern of change in the serum BDNF concentration was different between the groups. While the serum BDNF level for the sedentary group returned to the baseline level during the recovery phase, the BDNF levels for the active group decreased below the baseline level after the maximal exercise test. No group differences were observed in the pattern of plasma BDNF change for all exercise tests. These findings suggest that regular exercise facilitates the utilization of circulating BDNF during and/or after acute exercise with maximal intensity..
2. Radak Z,, Bori Z, Koltai E, Fatouros I G, Jamurtas A Z, Douroudos I I, Terzis G, Nikolaidis M G, Chatzinikolaou A, Sovatzidis A, Kumagai,S, Naito H, Boldogh I, Age-dependent changes in 8-oxoguanine-DNA glycosylase activity are modulated by adaptive responses to physical exercise in human skeletal muscle., Free Radical Biology & Medicine, 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2011.04.018, 51, 2, 417-423, 2011.04.
3. Suwa, M., Nakano, H., Radak, Z., and Kumagai, S., Short-term adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase activator 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide-1-βD-ribofuranoside treatment increases the sirtuin 1 protein expression in skeletal muscle. , Metabolism, 60, 3, 394-403, 2011.03.
4. Marton, O., Koltai, E., Nyakas, C., Bakonyi, T., Zenteno-Savin, T., Kumagai, S., Goto, S., and Radak, Z., Aging and exercise affect the level of protein acetylation and SIRT1 activity in cerebellum of male rats., Biogerontology, 11, 6, 679-686, 2010.12.
5. Suwa, M., yamamaoto, K., Nakano, H., Sasaki, H., Radak, Z., and Kumagai, S., Brain-derived neurotrophic factor treatment increases the skeletal muscle glucose transporter 4 protein expression in mice. , Physiol. Res., 59, 4, 619-623, 2010.11.
6. Nagano, M., Sasaki, H., and Kumagai,S., Association of cardiorespiratory fitness with elevated hepatic enzyme and liver fat in japanese patients with impaired glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes Mellitus., J. Sports Sci. Med, 9, 3, 405-410 , 2010.09.
7. Suwa M, Nakano H, Radak Z, and Kumagai S, Endurance exercise increases the SIRT1 and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ coactivator-1α protein expressions in rat skeletal muscle, Metabolism Clinical and Experimental, 57:986-998, 2008.07.
8. Nofuji Y, Suwa M, Moriyama Y, Nakano H, Ichimiya A, Nishichi R, Sasaki H, Radak Z, and Kumagai S, Decreased serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor in trained men, Neuroscience Letters, 437:29-32, 2008.05.
9. Radak, Z., Kumagai, S., Nakamoto, H., and Goto, S, 8-oxoguanosine and uracil repair of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA in red and white skeletal muscle of exercise-trained old rats, Journal of Applied Physiology, 102:1696-1701, 2007.04.
10. Suwa, M.,Egashira, T.,Nakano, H., Sasaki, H., and Kumagai, S, Metformin increases the PGC-1α protein and oxidative enzyme activities possibly via AMPK phosphorylation in skeletal muscle in vivo, J. Appl. Physiol, 101、pp1685 - 1692
, 2006.12.
11. Suwa, M., Kishimoto, H., Nofuji, Y., Nakano, H., Sasaki, H., Radak,Z., and Kumagai, S., Serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor level is increased and associated with obesity in newly diagnosed female patients with type II diabetes. , Metabolism, Volume 55, Issue 7, 852-857,, 2006.07.
12. Kumagai,S.,Kai,Y.,Nagano,M.,Zou,B.,Kishimoto,H. and Sasaki,H., Relative contributions of cardiorespiratory fitness and visceral fat to metabolic syndrome in patients with diabetes mellitus., Metabolic Syndrome Related Disorders., 3:213-220, 2005.09.
13. Ogonovszky,H.,Berkes,I.,Kumagai,S.,Kaneko,T.,Tahara,S.,Goto,S. and Radak,Z., The effects of moderate-,strenuous- and over-training on oxidative stress markers,DNA repair,and memory,in rat brain., Neurochemistry International, 10.1016/j.neuint.2005.02.009, 46, 8, 635-640, 46:635-640, 2005.06.
14. Suwa,M.,Nakano,H. and Kumagai,S., Inhibition of calcineurin increases monocarboxylate transporters 1 and 4 protein and glycolytic enzyme activities in rat soleus muscle., Clin.Exper.Pharmacol.Physiol., 10.1111/j.1440-1681.2005.04176.x, 32, 3, 218-223, 32:218-223, 2005.01.
15. Nagano,M.,Sasaki,H. and Kumagai,S., Cardiorespiratory fitness and visceral fat impact the relationship between psychological fitness and metabolic syndrome in Japanese males with type2 diabetes mellitus., Metabolic Syndrome & Related Disorder, 2:172-179, 2005.01.
16. Kumagai,S.,Kishimoto,H.,Suwa,M.,Zou,B., and Sasaki,H., The leptin to adiponectin ratio is a good biomarker for the prevalence of metabolic syndrome,dependent of visceral fat accumulation and endurance fitness in obese patients with diabetes mellitus., Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders., 3:85-94, 2005.01.
17. Zou,B.,Sasaki,H. and Kumagai,S., Association between relative hypogonadism and metabolic syndrome in newly-diagnosed adult male patients with impaired glucose tolerance or type2 diabetes mellitus., Metabolic Syndrome & Related Disorder, 2:39-48, 2004.01.
18. Nagano,M.,Kai,Y.,Zou,B.,Hatayama,T.,Suwa,M.,Sasaki,H. and Kumagai,S., The contribution of visceral fat and cardiorespiratory fitness to the risk factors in the Japanese patients with impaired glucose tolerance and type2 diabetes mellitus., Metabolism, 53:644-649, 2004.01.
19. Zou, B., Suwa, M., Nakano, H., Higaki, Y., Ito, T., Katsuta, S., and Kumagai, S., Decreased serum leptin and muscle oxidative enzyme activity with a dietary loss of intra-abdominal fat in rats., J. Nutr. Biochemistry, 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2003.09.004, 15, 1, 24-29, 15:24-29, 2004.01.
20. Suwa, M., Nakano, H., and Kumagai, S., Effects of chronic AICAR administration on fiber composition, glycolytic and oxidative enzyme activities and UCP3 and PGC-1 protein content in rat muscles., J.Appl.Physiol., 96:960-968, 2003.01.
21. Zou, B., Suwa, M., Nakano, H., Ito. T., Higaki, Y., Katsuta, S., and Kumagai,S., Adaptation of skeletal muscle characteristics to a high-fat diet in rats with different intra-abdominal-obesity susceptibilities., J.Nutr.Sci.Vitaminol, 49, 4, 241-246, 49:241-246, 2003.01.
Educational Activities
General Education;
Health and Sports Scince (Lecture and Experiment),
Physical Exercise1, Long-life s Sports 3,4.

Graduate School Education;
Health and Exercise Epidemiology (Master and Doctor Course of Human-Environents Studies)
Sautogenesis (Maste corese of Human-Environment Studies)