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Yoshiyuki Shioyama Last modified date:2019.01.20

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Academic Degree
Medical Doctor
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Radiation Oncology
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Radiation oncology and radiation therapy
Clinical oncology
High precision radiotherapy
Stereotactic radiotherapy
Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
Particle therapy
Carbon-ion Radiotherapy
Research Interests
  • Clinical study of incidence and predictive factors for rib fracture after SBRT
    keyword : SBRT, rib fracture, predictive factor
  • Predictive factors of tumor response for radiation therapy
    keyword : uterine cervical cancer, radiotherapy, predictive factors
  • Optimization of radiation therapy using functional image
    keyword : Radiotherapy, Toxicities, functional image
    2006.01Optimization of radiation therapy planning using functional images to preserve organ function.
  • Prediction of treatment related toxicities using gene polymorphism for patients receiving radiation therapy
    keyword : Radiotherapy, Toxicities, Gene polymorphism
    2003.12Study of prediction of radiation toxicities by gene polymorphism in patients receiving radiotherapy..
  • Prediction and early diagnosis of the risk of radiation pneumonitis in lung cancer patients treated with radiotherapy
    keyword : Radiotherapy, Radiation pneumonitis, Serum markers
    2002.04Study of developement of useful biological markers for prediction of radiation pneumonitis.
  • Clinical study of radiotherapy and chemoradiotherapy for head & neck malignant tumors for functional preservation
    keyword : Head and Neck cancer, Radiotherapy, Function preservation
    2002.04Clinical study of radiotherapy and chemoradiotherapy for head & neck malignant tumors.
  • Clinical study for stereotactic radiotherapy for malignant tumors in Head & Neck and Body trunk.
    keyword : Stereotactic Radiotherapy, Head & neck, Body trunk
    2003.04Clinical study for stereotactic radiotherapy for malignant tumors in Head & Neck and Body trunk..
  • Study of the respilatio gated radiotherapy for lung tumor, especially at inspiratory phase
    keyword : Lung cancer, Respiration Gated Radiotherapy
    2002.04Study of the respilatio gated radiotherapy for lung tumor, especially at inspiratory phase.
  • Clinical study of particle beam radiotharepy for malignant tumors in various organs.
    keyword : Charged particle radiotherapy, Radiation Oncology
    2000.04~2002.03Clinical study of proton beam radiotharepy for malignant tumors in various organs..
Academic Activities
1. Terashima K, Shioyama Y, Nomoto S, Ohga S, Nonoshita T, Ohnishi K, Atsumi K, Yabuuchi H, Hirata H, aHonda H, A case of radiation fibrosis appearing as mass-like consolidation after SBRT with elevation of serum CEA.
, Case Report in Medicine, in press, 2010.05.
2. Ohnishi K, Shioyama Y, Nomoto S, Sasaki T, Ohga S, Yoshitake T, Toba T, Atsumi K, Shiinoki T, Terashima H, Honda H. , Spontaneous pneumothorax after stereotactic radiotherapy for non-small-cell lung cancer
, Jpn J Radiol, 27(7):269-274, 2009, 2009.08.
3. Isoyama Y, Shioyama Y, Nomoto S, Ohga S, Nonoshita T, Onishi K, Matsuura S, Atsumi K, Terashima K, Hirata H, Honda H. , Carboplatin and etoposide combined with radiotherapy for limited-stage small-cell esophageal carcinoma: three cases and review of the literature, Jpn J Radiol, 28(3): 181-187, 2010, 2010.04.
4. Yoshitake T, Shioyama Y, Nakamura K, Ohga S, Nonoshita T, Ohnishi K, Terashima K, Arimura H, Hirata H, Honda H. , A clinical evaluation of visual feedback-guided breath-hold reproducibility of tumor location, Phys Med Biol, 54(23):7171-7182, 2009
, 2009.12.
5. Atsumi K, Shioyama Y, Nakamura K, Nomoto S, Ohga S, Yoshitake T, Nonoshita T, Ueda M, Hirata H, Honda H, Predictive Factors of Esophageal Stenosis Associated with Tumor Regression in Radiation Therapy for Locally Advanced Esophageal Cancer, J Radiat Res, 51: 9-14, 2010, 2010.01.
6. Nakamura K, Yoshikawa H, Akai T, Nomoto S, Shioyama Y, Kuwabara Y, Yoshimitsu K, Corrugated Fiberboard as a Positioning Insert for Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy, J Radiat Res, 51: 87-90, 2010
, 2010.01.
7. Atsumi K, Shioyama Y, Nomoto S, Ohga S, Toba T, Sasaki T, Kunitake N, Yoshitake T, Nakamura K, Honda H, Chemoradiation for Small Cell Esophageal Carcinoma: Report of 11 Cases from Multi-institution Experience., J Radiat Res, 51: 15-20, 2010
, 2010.01.
8. Shioyama Y, Nakamura K, Ohga S, Nomoto S, Sasaki T, Yamaguchi T, Toba T, Yoshitake T, Terashima H, Honda H. , Radiation therapy for recurrent esophageal cancer after surgery: clinical results and prognostic factors., Jpn J Clin Oncol., 2007.12.
9. Shioyama Y, Nakamura K, Anai S, Sasaki T, Ohga S, Saku M, Urashima Y, Yoshitake T, Toba T, Terashima H, Honda H, Stereotactic radiotherapy for lung and liver tumors using a body cast system: Setup accuracy and preliminary clinical outcome, Radiat Med , 23(6); 407-413, 2005.08.
10. Shioyama Y, Nakamura K, Sasaki T . Ooga S, Urashima Y, Kimura M, Uehara S, Terashima H, Honda H, Clinical results of radiation therapy for stage I esophageal cancer: a single institutional experience, Am J Clinic Oncol 28: 75-80, 2005, 10.1097/, 28, 1, 75-80, 28: 75-80, 2005.02.
11. Shioyama Y, Tokuuye K, Okumura T, Kagei K, Sugahara S, ,Ohara K, Akine Y, Ishikawa S, Satoh H, Sekizawa K, Clinical Evaluation of Proton Radiotherapy for Non-small-cell Lung Cancer., Int.J.Radiat Oncol Biol Phisc, 10.1016/0360-3016(02)04416-4, 56, 1, 7-13, 56: 7-13, 2003.05.
1. Visual Feedback-guided Breath-hold Technique For Radiotherapy Using A Machine Vision System With A Charge-coupled Device Camera And A Head-mounted Display: An Evaluation Of Breath-hold Reproducibility In Clinical Use..
2. Clinical Results of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Oligometastatic Lung Tumors.
Educational Activities
Clinical education for medical student
Other Educational Activities
  • 2009.07.
  • 2008.07.