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Masanobu KANEKO Last modified date:2016.09.06

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Masanobu Kaneko .
Academic Degree
Doctor of Science
Field of Specialization
Number Theory
Outline Activities
My research field is number theory. My recent subjects of study are multiple zeta values and their connection to modular forms, and the arithmetic of quasimodular forms and the elliptic modular function.

I am supervising master and doctoral students based on these studies.

I am also doing administrative job as Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and the Graduate School of Mathematics , as well as a member of several committees of the mathematical society of Japan.

I am an editor of three international mathematical journals.
Research Interests
  • modular form, quasimodular form, elliptic modular function
    keyword : modular form, elliptic modular function
    1990.09Modular and quasimodular forms.
  • multiple zeta values, poly-Bernoulli numbers
    keyword : multiple zeta value, poly-Bernoulli number
    1995.07Study of multiple zeta values. Use regularizations, derivations in an algebraic setting, etc..
Academic Activities
Professional and Outreach Activities
Voluntary lectures at several high schools in Fukuoka, Saga, and Nagasaki..