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List of Books
LIN WENG Last modified date:2020.01.24

Professor / Math / Department of Mathematics / Faculty of Mathematics

1. Zeta Functions for Reductive Groups and Their Zeros, [URL].
2. Iku Nakamura and Lin WENG (eds), Algebraic and Arithmetic Structures of Moduli Spaces, Japan Math Soc, 58, 479, 2010.06.
3. Weng, Lin; Kaneko, Masanobu (eds), Conference on L-Functions, World Scientific, 2007.01, [URL].
4. Weng, Lin; Nakamura, Iku (eds), Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory, World Scientific, 2006.08, [URL].
5. Weng, Lin, Hyperbolic Metrics, Selberg Zeta Functions and Arakelov Theory for Punctured Riemann Surfaces, Math Dept, Osaka University, Lecture Note Series in Math. Vol.6, 1998.05.