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HIROSHI HOSHINO Last modified date:2017.11.09

Professor / Business and Technology Management
Department of Business and Technology Management
Faculty of Economics

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
Other Organization

Research and Education .
Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Global Business, Global Logistics
Research Interests
  • Collaborative for regional revitalization in Kyushu
    keyword : collaboration
  • The Effect of the Expansion of the Panama Canal
    keyword : multinational Corporations, Global Logistics
  • Model for Multinational Corporations expanding business in developing countries
    keyword : multinational Corporations, BOP (Base of Pyramid)
  • Grameen Creative Lab.
    keyword : social business
  • Global Logistics Service of Shipping Firms
    keyword : Supply Chain Management、Logistics
  • Growth Strategy of the City of Fukuoka
    keyword : Growth Strategy
  • Development Plan for Kyushu Region
    keyword : Economic Growth
  • Research project on Kyushu as a regional logistics hub
    keyword : port development, logistics. competitive advantage
  • Global Operation and Management of non-manufacturing industry
    keyword : global operation, non-manufacturing industry
    2003.04Fitness of Global Operation and Ethono-centric Management of Japanese Non-manufacturing Firms.
  • Competitive Advantage of Asian firms
    keyword : Asian multinationals, Competitive Advantage
    2003.04Comparative Advantage of Asian Firms.
  • Research project on Global Supply Chain Management
    keyword : Global Supply Chain Management. logistics
    2002.04Global Supply Chain Management Supported by Cutting-edge Information Technology.
Current and Past Project
  • The significant Impact of the Panama Canal Expansion
  • Collaborative for regional revitalization in Kyushu
  • Japanese Companies Entry into Developping Countries
  • Research and Education of Social Busienss
Academic Activities
1. HIROSHI HOSHINO , ”The Changing Global Environment of Logistics -The Cases of Port of Hakata and Kitakyushu in Japan”
Global Movements in the Asia Pacific
, World Scientific, Chapter 15, pp 285-296, , 2009.12.
1. 星野 裕志, Market Entry Strategies in Developing Countries -Creating New Methods-, Nepalese Academy of Management, Volume 5, No.1,  , 2017.03.
2. HIROSHI HOSHINO, Competition and Collaboration among Container Ports, The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics , Vol.26 , No.1, pp 31-47 , 2010.09.
1. Impact of Panama Canal Expansion on Global Trade and F.D.I..
2. Maritime Cluster in Japan -Competition and Collaboration-.
3. 星野 裕志, Market Entry Strategies in Developing Countries -Creating New Methods-, #14 International Federation of East Asian Management Associations (IFEAMA), 2017.03.28.
4. The Impact of the Panama Canal Expansion on Global Logistics and Trade.
5. Comparative study on Strategic Alliance of Shipping and Airline Industries.
6. The Impact of LNG Transport on Japanese Shipping Companies for Global Expansion.
7. Competition and Collaboration among Container Ports.
8. Strategies of Logistics Service Provider.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Society of Shipping and Logistics
  • Academy of Multinational Enterpreises
  • Japan Academy of International Business Studies
  • The Academic Association for Organizational Science
  • Academy of International Business
  • The International Association of Maritime Economists
Other Educational Activities
  • 2017.04, Organization of Case Method Workshop.
  • 2008.07, Case Writing Workshop.
  • 2007.02, Case Method Workshop.