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Hitoshi Yoshioka Last modified date:2016.10.20

Graduate School

Academic Degree
Master of Science
Field of Specialization
History and Sociology of Science
Outline Activities
I have been studying on two main topics. The first topic is the social history of science and technology in modern and contemporary Japan. The second topic is the basic and applied technology policy studies. The analysis of civil nuclear energy policy has been the most important area of my historical and policy-oriented study for more than ten years.
As a member of national government committies on energy policy, I have been contributed to the reformation of energy and nuclear policy in Japan for eight years. Every year, I am in charge of lectures and seminars for graduate students and undergraduate students, including that of the 21st Century Program.
Research Interests
  • Social History of Research, Development, and Utilization of Nuclear Energy
    keyword : Atomic Energy, Nuclear Energy
    1986.10~2009.10History of Nuclear Technology in Japan.
  • Energy Policy Studies, Nuclear Policy Studies
    keyword : Energy Policy, Nuclear Policy
    1997.01~2009.10Public Policy Studies on Energy and Nuclear Technology from the standpoint of a participant-observer..
  • Social History of Science and Technology in Japan at the turn from 20th to 21st century
    keyword : History of Science and Technology, Contemporary History
    2005.04~2009.10A Social History of Science and Technology at the Turning Point from 20th to 21st Century..
  • Social History of Science and Technology in contemporary Japan
    keyword : History of Science and Technology, Contemporary History
    1976.04~2009.10Social History of Science and Technology In Contemporary Japan.
Current and Past Project
  • International Critical Review Committee on the Japanese Nuclear Fuel Cycle Policy
  • A Research Project to Publish 'A social History of Science in Contemporary Japan: vol.6 1995-2005'
Academic Activities
Other Educational Activities
  • 2000.04.
Professional and Outreach Activities
1. Contribution as a Lecturer or Panelist to various kinds of Public Organization or Citizen's Public Interest Groups.

2. Contribution to the National Public Policy Making. A Committee Member of both the Cabinet Office's Atomic Energy Commission and the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

3. Contribution to the Making of the Public Opinion on Science, Technology and Socity, by means of the active contribution to Journals, Magazins, and Newspapars..