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List of Presentations
Hiroyuki Yamaguchi Last modified date:2019.05.30

Professor / Department of Psychology / Department of Human Sciences / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Shared mental model among members engaged in expert judgement: From viewpoints of social psychology, Cross-Cultural Expert Judgement Workshop, 2015.09.
2. Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Ryota Akiho, Implicit coordination in the labyrinth game. , 11th Biennial Conference of Asian Association of Social Psychology and PAP 52nd Annual Convention, 2015.08.
3. Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Mie Ariyoshi, The effect of perception on work significance to enhance employee motivation, The 14th European Congress of Psychology, 2015.07.
4. Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Ryota Akiho, The effect of team reflection on implicit coordination: pilot study using labyrinth game., The 14th European Congress of Psychology,, 2015.07.
5. Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Takeru Miyajima, Perceived excludability in workplace and behavioral intention to acquire childcare leave: An approach from pluralistic ignorance., The 14th European Congress of Psychology, 2015.07.
6. Kengo Nawata, Linri Huang, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Anti-Japanese social norm in China: Chinese cannot say " I like Japan" in front of other Chinese., The 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology, 2014.07.
7. Takeru Miyajima, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Perceived acceptability from others about men's childcare leave and pluralistic ignorance., The 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology, 2014.07.
8. Mie Ariyoshi, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Relationship Behavior and Adaptation: Comparison of Two and Four people, The 2nd Annual meeting of International Symposium on Business and Social Science, 2014.04.
9. Ryota Akiho, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, he Relationship between Shared Mental Model and Team Communication.
, 2014 International Conference on Business and Social Sciences at Tokyo,, 2014.03.
10. Takeru Miyajima, Fuan, L., Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Chinese attitudes toward Japan and Pluralistic ignorance: The effect of praise seeking and rejection avoidance needs on the norm-congruent behavior.
, 2014 International Conference on Business and Social Sciences at Tokyo,, 2014.03.
11. Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, A social psychological study on the reason for mass job separation among nurses in Japan. , 2014 ISIS-Key West International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference. , 2014.03.
12. Developmento of team conpetency and measurement of teamwork.
13. Group dynamics in emerging processes of team errors..
14. Dynamics of interactions among fluctuations of business environments and team decision making..
15. A study on the factors foiling team communication in hospital nurse teams: Why can't they point out their colleague's error?.
16. A study on the process mechanism of team errors: social psychological problems in "indication process" to coworkers' mistakes.
17. Study on "emergence": traits and mechanisms of emergence in cases of diverse human behaviors..
18. A study on the questioning behaviors of undergraduates in classworks..
19. A study on the factors in realtion to "organizational ploblematics (unsafety behaviors, accident occurrence, concealment and so on)":assortment and arrangement by means of content analysis..
20. A study on train drivers' risky behaviors and psycholical condition at the time of accident occurrence..
21. Do personal circs affect attending behaviors?: As a disproof to ascertain the effectiveness of group norms..
22. A research on the "norm effectiveness".
23. Customs of accessing news medias and attitudes toward news medias: with relation to reliability of news..
24. a study on the effective factors to questioning behaviors of undergraduates: Why do they hesitate questioning?.
25. Research on "Emergence":Attempt to explore the mechanism that personal interaction and group processes emerge grobal dynamics of a group as an entity..
26. The effects of transformational leadership upon readiness of members for organizational innovation..
27. The effects of utilizing CMC system in business teams on the leadership of managers: A sequential analysis in Japanese company..
28. The effects of CMC systems on creative collaboration and productivity of business team..
29. The effects of computer mediated communication systems on creative collaboration and productivity of business teams..