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Kazuto (Real name: Kazuo) Misumi Last modified date:2017.10.17

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Information of relevant projects and conferences, online survey reports. .
Academic Degree
Doctor Sociology
Field of Specialization
Outline Activities
1) Mathematical sociology on social action, social networks, and group processes. Formalization based on qualitative data.
2) Study of urbanization and social stratification based on survey research and case study. Earthquake and community in Kumamoto, from the viewpoint of social capital.

Seminars for graduate students on survey method and sociological theory. Lectures for under graduate students on introductory mathematical sociology and modern society, and on social capital.
Research Interests
  • Social capital theory on earthquake and community
    keyword : Earthquake, community, social capital
    2016.05Sociological Theory through Interpretive Formalization.
  • Sociological Theory with Interpretive Formalization
    keyword : Formalization, Interpretive sociology, Qulitative data, Sociological theory
    1988.04Sociological Theory through Interpretive Formalization.
  • Survey Research on Social Stratification and Social Networks
    keyword : Social stratification, Social network, Social capital, Job search
    1982.04Empirical Study on Social Stratification and Social Networks.
  • Mathematical Sociology of Group Processes
    keyword : Group process, Mathematical sociology, Classical theory
    1998.04Mathematical Sociology of Group Processes.
Current and Past Project
  • Research project on Kumamoto earthquake disaster. By conducting fieldwork, we study on sociological issues and interdisciplinary framework for disaster prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Net-base Mechanism of Solidarity and its institutionalization
  • East Asian Model of social stratification and social mobility.
  • Research project on social stratification and social mobility.
Academic Activities
1. Social Capital: Challenge of Theory Synthesizing in Sociology (in Japanese)..
2. Values and Attitudes in A Time of Destabilization (Contemporary Stratified Society 3) (in Japanese)..
3. Kazuto Misumi, A Formal Theory of Roles, Hana-Syoin, 2007.03.
4. Kazuto Misumi and Kenji Kosaka (eds.), Symbolic Device: Formal Approaches to Meaning, Keiso-shobo, 2005 (in Japanese)..
5. Kazuto Misumi (ed.), Neoclassical Theorizing in Sociology: Formal Approaches, Keiso-shobo, 2004 (in Japanese)..
6. Junichi Kobayashi, Kazuto Misumi, Toru Hirata, and Koji Matsuda, Social Mechanisms [2nd edition], Nakanishiya, 2000 (in Japanese)..
1. Misumi, Kazuto, "Frontier of Social Capital".
2. Kazuto Misumi, Solidarity and Its Institutionalization by Net-base, Working Papers: Grant-in-Aid for Exploratory Research, 2014 (in Japanese and English)..
3. Kazuto Misumi (ed.), Study of an East Asian Stratification Model, 科研費研究成果報告書, 2011.02.
4. Kazuto Misumi, Solidarity from the Net-base Viewpoint, Working Papers: Grant-in-Aid for Exploratory Research, 2009 (in Japanese and English)..
5. Kazuto Misumi, Possibility of Interpretive Formalization, Working Papers: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, 2004 (in Japanese and English)..
6. Kazuto Misumi (ed.), Toward Neoclassical Sociology through Formalization, Working Papers: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, 2002 (in Japanese and English)..
7. Kazuto Misumi (ed.), The Spatial Structure of Social Stratification, Working Papers: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, 1998 (in Japanese)..
1. Kazuto Misumi, Free Rider Facilitated by Trust
, The Journal of Culture Contents (Research Institute of the Creative Contents), 8, 2016.12.
2. Social Capital in Stratification Research (Japanese Sociological Review 59(4): 716-733, 2009).
3. Kazuto Misumi, Whole-net Base and Social Capital: Stratified Opportunity Structure of Social Capital, 理論と方法 (Sociological Theory and Methods), 20, 1, Vol.20 No.1、5-25, 2005.09.
4. Kazuto Misumi, Boolean model of role discrimination, Journal of Mathematical Sociology, Vol.26 No.1-2:111-121, 2002.06.
5. Comparative Narratives as the Secondary Analysis: Reconsidering 'Hachinosu-Jo Conflict' (Riron to Hoho 16(1): 103-120, 2001).
6. Residential Mobility and Stratification among Women: An Analysis of 1995 SSM Data (Hikaku-Shakai-Bunka 5: 113-122, 1999).
1. 三隅 一人(本名:一百), Trust in Community and Free Rider, 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology, 2016.07.12.
2. 三隅 一人(本名:一百), Net-base Theory of Social Capital, International Sociological Association (18th World Congress of Sociology), 2014.07.14.
3. How Social Structure Generates Social Capital .
4. Net-base mechanism of Solidarity: From the Viewpoint of Generalized Reciprocity .
5. Whole-net Base and Social Capital: The Stratified Opportunity Structure of Friendship Capital.
6. Reconsidering the Concept of Role through Boolean Approach.
7. An Analysis of Community Conflict by the Narrative Method.
8. Management of Commons in Urbanizing Areas: Simulation Analysis of 'Iri-ai'.
9. Model of Reference Group Process to Explain Class Consciousness.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Sociological Society
  • Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology
  • Japan Association for Urban Sociology
  • Japan Sociological Association for Social Analysis
  • Sociological Society of West Japan
  • The 13th Award of Japan NPO Research Association
  • The 12th Award of Japan NPO Research Association
Other Educational Activities
  • 2007.04, Managing 1st Korea and Japan Joint Seminar on East Asian Culture and Society (April 16-17, 2007, Ropponmatsu, Fukuoka). Cooperative educational meeting between Dept. Sociology, Pusan National University, and SCS, Kyushu University. .
  • 2005.03, As a visiting researcher at Department of Sociology, University of Arizona (U.S.A), I studied methods of education and research on qualitative comparrative analysis..
Professional and Outreach Activities
(1) Support for policy-making through survey and intervew research:
Survey of community resorces in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka (1991-1992), Community planning adviser, Kasuga city (1999-2001).
(2) Lectures of suervey research and data analysis.
(3) Lectures of university's open seminar..