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Kyoichi Otsuki Last modified date:2019.06.08

Professor / Forest Environmental Sciences
Department of Agro-environmental Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture

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HP of Dr.Kyoichi OTSUKI .
Academic Degree
Doctor of Agriculture
Field of Specialization
Forest Hydrology
Research Interests
  • Water, Energy and material cycles of forested watersheds
    keyword : forest, watershed, water cycle, material cycle, energy cycle
    1999.11Water, energy and material cycles in forestted watersheds.
Academic Activities
1. Forest Hydrology -Exploring the Fate of Water in Forest Ecosystem-.
2. Local Meteorology.
1. Kyoichi Otsuki, Tamao Kasahara, Yuichi Onda, Development of Innovative Technologies for Enhancing Low Flow Discharge and Reducing Turbid Material from Overcrowded Forest Plantations by Intensive Thinning in Japan, Annual Conference of Korea Water Resources Association, 2012.05.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering
  • The Japanese Forest Society
  • Japan Society of Hydrology and Wtare Resources
  • The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering
  • The Society of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan
  • "Analysis of return flows in a tank cascade system in Sri Lanka"
    (Matsuno, Y., Tasumi, M., van der Hoek, W., Sakthivadivel, R., Otsuki, K.)
Educational Activities
Undergraduate (All Faculty)
  Introduction to Field Science
  Water, Soil and Plant in Itoshima
  Introduction to Environmental Science

Undergraduate (Faculty of Agriculture)
Ecosystem Science
Outline of Global Forest Science
Intrduction toGlobal Foret Science
Forest Hydrology & Water Resources
Environmental Biophysics
Forest Field Survey II

Graduate School (MasterCourse)

Graduate School (Doctor Course)
 Forest Ecosphere Management
Forest Ecosphere Management
Other Educational Activities
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