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List of Reports
Nobuharu Takano Last modified date:2020.01.18

Professor / A lecture of the history document information / Department of Social Studies / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

1. NOJIRI Yasuhiro、Ruling Structure and Han’s Territory in Early Modern Japan.
2. Book Review :  KASAYA Kazuhiko , Root and Development of the Government of the Military Class.
3. Impressions on the Modern Daimyo Exhibitions .
4. The Historical materials study about relations with A samurai image
and morality and the political awareness in early modern times Japan
5. Kyushu daigaku 100nen no takaramono.
6. Sociality of life  Symposium participation record.
7. Bibliography of religious chapter 1 of historical materials at the early modern age of Saga Prefecture.
8. Favor of undertaken research from Dr. Fukaya.
9. Research on The samurai who became folk-customs-God, racial God.
10. Book review、Michifumi Isoda:Tthe social structure of a vassal team in early modern times.
11. Book review、Manji Kitajima:Research on the war of aggression to Korea by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in early modern times.
12. Book review、The committee which edits the history book of Miyakonojo-shi
:The 2nd volume edited by the historical records of the history of Miyakonojo.