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IKKO SAKAMOTO Last modified date:2017.05.27

Professor / Conparative and International Education Studies
Department of Education
Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
Other Organization
Administration Post
Dean of the School of Education

Academic Degree
Doctor of Education
Field of Specialization
Cultural Anthropology,Educational Anthropology
Outline Activities
My long-term project is comparative studies of education and children from anthropological perspectives in Asian countries. The purpose of this project is to understand and consider about the diversity of cultural processes of education and children, which are embedded in local as well as global socio-cultural contexts, for example, the processes of education in development for the developing countries, cultural construction of indigenous meanings and treatments of children(childfood), and the implicit and explicit education (teaching and learning) in likely places in everyday life.
While the long-term project is being continued , some new sub-projects have been started recently. These projects, which are presently under study, have close relations with economic , political and academic globalization. Brief descriptions of the aforementioned sub-projects are as follows:
1.Comparative studies of localization processes of educational anthropology in Korea, China, and Japan.
2.A study of changing processes of education and cultures of ethnic minorities in contemporary China.
3.A study of the educational and welfare systems for children in Asian developing countries, in particular China and Thailand.
4.A study on parental son-preference and its socio-cultural structure in contemporary Korean society.
5.A study on dynamics of house structure and family relations in contemporary Korea and China.
Research Interests
  • Strategies of reconstruction and succession of cultural resources in local communities
    keyword : reconstruction   cultural resources   communities
  • technology in the manufacturing of children's products
    keyword : children's products technology
  • Diversity and sustainablity of women's traditional handicraft knowledge
    keyword : handicraft,local knowledge , sustainablity ,women
  • Study on cultural constructing processes of Kansei
    keyword : Kansei、construction、culture
  • Study on cultural construction processes of children's experience and daily life
    keyword : chidren、 experience、life 、construction 、culture
    2007.04Anthropological Sutudy on the Changing Process of Children's Dayly Life and Experiences under the Influence of Material Cultures and Media Technology.
  • An cultural anthropological study on changing process on education and culture of ethnic minorites in China
    keyword : ethnic mainority 、education 、culture、acculturation
    2000.04Anthropological Sutudy on the Changing Process of Education and Culture in Ntional Minorites in China.
  • Anthropological Sutudy on the Constructing Process of Cultural Categories of Child(hood)
    keyword : children 、discource 、practice 、construction
    2003.03Anthropological Sutudy on the Constructing Process of Cultural Categories of Child(hood).
  • A Comparative and Etnographic Sutudy on Children's Growth Contexts in Asian Societies
    keyword : children 、Asia 、growth context 、conparative study
    2000.04A Comparative and Etnographic Sutudy on Children's Growth Contexts in Asian Societies.
  • Anthropological Sutudy on the Process of Education Development in Asian Developing Countries
    keyword : Asia 、education、 Developing Countries
    2004.04Anthropological Sutudy on the Process of Education Development in Asian Developing Countries.
  • A Comparative Study of Re-Interpretation Prosesses for "Educational Anthropology"in East Asian Countries
    keyword : Educational Anthropology,Re-Interpretation ,Korea ,China ,Japan
    2004.04A Comparative Study of Re-Interpretation Prosesses for "Educational Anthropology"in East Asian Countries.
Academic Activities
1. Children and Education in Asia :Cultural-Anthropological Perspectives.
1. Children’s Folk Culture Events and Vitalization of Community:
The Role of Sagemon in Girls’ First Seasonal Festival in Yanagawa
2. A Fragment on Researches of Japanese ‘Kansei’
- A review and a sketch –
3. Acquisition of Chinese Language by Children from Ethnic Minorities in China:Language Changes and Enculturation in Xinjiang Urban Areas.
4. Construction of Education through the Food,Cloting and Shelter of Children
5. On Child-Rearing Folk Customs using Buxuk and their Change amongst Uyghur, Xinjiang China.
6. Trends in Ethnic Education Research and Educational Researchi with an Anthropological Bent:With a Focus on East Asia and United Nation.
7. On a new phase of language shift and ethnic relations in Xinjiang,China:Eocusing on the Minkaohan Uyghur.
8. On Reproductive Techniques of Sex Preference.
9. A Cultural Anthropological Study on Sex Preference for Children.
10. Cultural Politics of children in Amusement Media.
1. On Emerging of Children's Private Room in Modern China.
2. Sex prefarence of children in cultural context:Focusing on the framework of analyses.
Professional and Outreach Activities
On Discipline for Children in Home, given by The Society of Education and Medicine , Open Seminar.1999.
On Recent Problems of Children's Achievement in Japanese Education, Symposium for Citizen.2003..