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HISAO TAKEKUMA Last modified date:2019.12.27

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Comparative Education
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My research interest lies in the field of comparative education. I have primarily studied  education in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia. The research subjects I have so far been involved in are educational policies, systems and issues from secondary education to higher education, specifically ethnic education, problems faced by international students, international exchange, elite education and the education of ethnic minorities.
Since I have been most interested in issues of ethnic education, I have also studied ethnic school systems in Japan. Meanwhile, I have investigated internationalization trends concerning higher education in Australia and Singapore as side work.
In 1999, I stayed and conducted research activities in Thailand, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Malacca, Sabah, Sarawak) Singapore, Indonesia and Australia for about a year in an overseas research project designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In 2008, I visited and studied Chinese schools in the Philippines, and in 2009, Fijian, Indian and Chinese schools in Fiji, where I examined problems and difficulties of ethnic minorities as well as internationalization trends in multiethnic societies. Furthermore, in the same year, I investigated Chinese ethnic schools in the Sabah and Sarawak in Borneo, Malaysia in the same perspective.
I was highly engaged in school management, while I examined educational collaboration with overseas schools as well as a reorganization of the school curriculum. In 2013, I conducted research in Shanghai and Beijing in China with Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Project. Moreover, I was preparing for research in Australia in 2014.
Based on the studies mentioned above, in recent years, I have started investigating the international exchange of education. At the same time, I would like to consider the case studies of Australia and Malaysia (concerning international exchange of education, etc.) from the viewpoint of cooperation with not metropolitan, but regional schools, as well as ethnic schools. It is partly because international exchange in regional schools is an inevitable factor for internationalization in those areas, and partly because it could be a significant element for reducing the disparity between cities and regional areas. Especially, ethnic schools and ethnic education in multiethnic societies could play a crucial role to bridge the gap between various immigrants and the societies that accept ethnic minorities. Moreover, they could further enable those regional communities to start internationalization.
Through academic activities, I would like to make every effort to let Japanese students and ordinary citizens know about the societies, cultures and education in Southeast Asia as much as possible, while I would like those in Southeast Asia to understand the multiethic and multifaceted aspects of Japan.
Through social activities, I would like to contribute to education for improved international understanding as well as international educational exchange.
Research Interests
  • Study on the Export of Japanese “Kosen” School and its Transplant Process; Comparison Framework of Mongolia and Malaysia
    keyword : transplant, Educational Borrowing, Kosen, Mongolia, Malaysia
  • Study on international articulation between High school and University in Asia and Oceania
    keyword : articulation, highschool, China, Malaysia, Australia, subjects
  • comparative Study on the Progress of Internationalisation of education in the Multi-ethnic Society
    keyword : ethnic education, comparative study, internationalisation of education
  • Study on the Ethnic education and Education for Co-existence in Multi-ethnic Society.
    A study of Ethnic schools in the situation of globalisation.
    keyword : Malaysia, UK, Australia, Multi-ethnic society, ethnic school, ethnic education
    2002.04~2006.03Research on the problems and findings in the educational challenges for ethnic co-existence - focussing on the Malaysian case. A study of Ethnic schools in the situation of globalisation..
Current and Past Project
  • Main Study
    Study on International Articulation between High Schools and Universities in Asia and Oceania
    Keyword: China, Malaysia, Australia, articulation, subjects

    International Comparative Study on the Progress of the Internationalization of Education in Multi-ethnic Societies Keyword: multi-ethnic society, internationalization of education, ethnic education

    Study on Ethnic Education and Education for Co-existing in Multi-ethnic Societies.
    A Study of Ethnic Schools in the Situation of Globalization
    Keyword: Malaysia, multi-ethnic society, ethnic school, ethnic education, ethnic co-existence

    Project Studies Engaged in
    Comparative Study on International Articulation between High School and University in Asia and Oceania
    2013.04~2015.03, Representative researcher: Hisao Takekuma
    Comparative Study on International Articulation between High School and University in Asia and Oceania
    I investigated the actual situations of education for studying abroad from secondary schools in Shanghai, Beijing, Changchun etc. in China.
    Sending country; Malaysia, Acceptance; Japanese and Australian Universities.

    Citizenship Education and Education for ASEANness in ASEAN Countries
    2010.04~2012.03. Representative researcher: Toshifumi Hirata, Oita University・Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology.

    Study on the Partnership between Local Municipalities and Universities for Creating an International City2008.04~2009.10, Representative researcher: Satomi Siratsuchi, Toyota Foundation
    Study on the Partnership between Local Municipalities and Universities for Creating an International City—A Collection of Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals with a Focus on International Students—.

    Comparative Study of the Chinese Diaspora's Commitment to Education in Asia
    2008.04~2010.03, Representative researcher: Yutaka Otsuka, Hiroshima University
    Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B).

    A Comparative Study of the Multi-ethnic Co-existent Education in Multi-ethnic
    2003.04~2006.03, Representative researcher: Hisao Takekuma, Kyushu University
    Research Project Number: 15530545.

    International Comparative Study on the Progress of Internationalization of Education in Multi-ethnic Societies
    2007.04~2011.03, Representative researcher: Hisao Takekuma, Kyushu University
    Research Project Number: 19530756.

    Research on the Internationalization of Education in Asia
    1998.04~2003.03, Representative researcher: Kengo Mochida, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(B)(2).
    The purpose of this research was to clarify the policies, systems and practices of elementary, secondary and higher education for internationalization in eight countries and territories in Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore) and investigate the actual conditions of the internationalization of education in those areas.

    A Study of Youth Rearing in the 21st Century—Ways to Raise Ambitious Youth—
    2000.04~2001.03, Representative researcher: Kengo Mochida, Fukuoka Prefecture’s designated research project.
    Researchers studied youth rearing based on relevant literature both in Japan and overseas, and also conducted field surveys in eight countries (the United States, England, Germany, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh). Furthermore, they examined various issues related to youth rearing from different perspectives of comparative education, educational sociology and development psychology.

    A Comparative Study of Policies for Diversification and Individualization in Secondary Schools
    2001.04~2004.03, Representative researcher: Kengo Mochida, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (A)(1).
    Researchers investigated secondary schools in different countries (England, France, Germany, the United States, China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and Japan) to clarify the concept of policies for diversification and individualization. Through this international comparative survey, they figured out the reality of educational reform based on the concepts and related problems. This kind of study would be suggested for solving various issues associated with the reform of secondary education.

    Ethnicity in Multi-ethnic Countries—A Study of Ethnic Co-existence in the Asia Pacific Region—
    2000.04~2002.03, Representative researcher: Takahiro Katayama, Asia Pacific Center (Japan).
    Investigators in both Japan and overseas conducted field research in the Asia Pacific region once a year respectively, in order to find out how ethnic and cultural co-existence was pursued and what kind of issues arose on the way to ethnic co-existence. Moreover, they exchanged opinions with local experts in the relevant fields, and presented the research results in briefing sessions as well as comprehensive symposiums to deepen understanding.
  • Ethnicity in Multi-Ethnic Nations:
    Symboisis and Coexistence of Ethnic Groups in Asian-Pacific Regions
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