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ITO YOSHIO Last modified date:2019.04.08

Professor / Department of Chemistry
Center of Environment and Safety

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

the ITO group
Constructive Organic Chemistry .
Academic Degree
Ph. D.
Field of Specialization
Constructive Organic Chemistry
Outline Activities
Development of novel stereoselective reactions for organic synthesis.
○ Study on stereoselective reactions using heterocyclic compounds.
○ Development of novel catalyst system for asymmetric reaction.
○ Effect of reversible photoreactions on the solid state.
Research Interests
  • Development of asymmetric reactions using dinuclear metal complexes
    keyword : asymmetric catalyst, bimetal, dinuclear complex
  • Development of a-Mono-Subustituted Prolinol Catalyst
    keyword : asymmetric organocatalyst, prolinol, proline
  • Effect of reversible molecular motions on the solid state.
    keyword : organosolid, molecular motion, photochromizm
  • Development of anion selective receptors
    keyword : anion, ion recognition, receptor
Academic Activities
1. H. Ishihara, K. Hori, H. Sugihara, Y. N. Ito, and T. Katsuki, Highly Diastereo- and Enantioselective Aziridination of a,b-Unsaturated Amides with Diaziridine and Mechanistic Consideration on Its Stereochemistry, Helvetica Chimca Acta, 85, 4272-4286 (2002), 2002.08.
2. H. Ishihara, Y. N. Ito, and T. Katsuki, Highly Diastereoselective Aziridination of a,b-Unsaturated Amides Using Diaziridine, Chemistry Letters, 10, 984-985, 30, 984-985, 2001.01.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2018.01.
  • 2017.01.
  • 2017.08, Lecture on chemistry for high school students, Structure and Functions of Organic Molecules (atKyushu Univ.).
  • 2015.10, Lecture on chemistry for high school students (at Tamana high school, Kumamoto).
  • 2014.04.
  • 2013.04.
  • 2010.11.
  • 2010.08.
  • 2009.08.
  • 2009.08.
  • 2008.08.
  • 2008.08.