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Shoichi Kiyokawa Last modified date:2016.10.03

Associate Professor / Dynamics, Structure and Evolution of the Earth and Planets
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Faculty of Sciences

Graduate School

Project A HP .
earth evolution .
Project A HP .
Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Outline Activities
evolution of early earth (Archean)
hydrothermal environment during earth history: Dixon Island Formation in Pilbara Australia, Barberton greenstone belt in South Africa
BIF research (Brazil, Egypt, Ghana:Proterozoic:Great Oxdation ivent, Snowball earth age)
Caldera forming procese of the 7300 year Kikai Caldera, Kagoshima Japan.
KT impact: Yucatan, Belize
Tectonic evolution of Western Kyushu: Koshiki jima, Goto Islands and Okinawa Trough
Research Interests
  • Reconstruction of oceanic condition through Proterozoic ocean
    keyword : Proterozoic, Great Oxidation event, Snowball earth
  • Global environmental change of Archean-Proterozoic deep sea world. South Africa, Australia, Canada,
    keyword : Black Chert, BIF
    2006.04~2017.03Archean to Proterozoic are very dramatic change of tectonics and surface environments. We will focused oceanic surface sedimentary rocks to identified what happen and how different of each sedement. These evidence might be shows the good evidence of the environment change of these early earth time..
  • BIF formation in modern ocean. Satsuma Iwo Jima at Kagoshima prefecture.
    keyword : BIF, Iron sedimentation, hydrothermal system
    2004.09~2014.12The Satsuma Iow-Jima island is one of the most active volcano in the south east Japan. Along this island, there are many hydrothermal activity and reddish brown color water surround it. The Satsuma Iow-Jima bay preserved many thick iron oxide sediments and iron crust. These thick sediments and crusts shows key signal to identified how to make Iron Formation in the Archean. .
  • Sedimentation mechanism of Fe rich sediments with microbial activity. New method.
    keyword : BIF, Iron sedimentation, hydrothermal system
    2007.07~2016.12The Satsuma Iow-Jima island is one of the most active volcano in the south east Japan. We try to make iron ore formation method using microbio activity..
  • Formation of Kikai Caldera
    keyword : caldera volcanic eruption
  • Archean surface environments (hydrothermal and biological activity)
    keyword : black chert, hydrothermal deposit, greenstone belt
    2000.03~2016.12The Dixon Island Formation is one of the best preserved hydrothermal vent system in the Middle Archean. There are many microbial activity in the black chert which preserved on the hydrothemral vent system. I will more focus of this formation and am planning to drilling whole of this sequence..
  • Tectonics of the Western Kyushu area in Japan
    keyword : Cretaceous, Tertiary, Okiwana Trough, Open of Japan sea,
    2002.04~2007.12The Koshiki and the Goto islands are preserved along the coarst of the Nothern Okinawa Trough. I focus the forming Kyushu Island to build up from opening Japan sea and Northern Okinawa trough. These study shows the initiation of the back arc rifting of the east margin of the Asia..
  • KT impact of Cuba and Berize
    keyword : KT boundary, shocked quartz, spherule, Cuga, Yucatan, Berize
    1997.08~2005.12K-Pg impact sequence preserved in the Cuba island and Berize on the Yucatan Peninsula. The Cuba island contains impact related giant debris flow deposit. The Yucatan Peninsula which in the Berize identified giant impact related ejector bed. The study of these sequence shows the try evidence of the power of giant impact. .
Current and Past Project
  • Detail geologic work to form geologic map, cross section, column for Proterozoic greenstone. To identified pareoenvironment of feet ocean condition. In addition, to get fresh drilling core of each section.
  • DXCL2 drilling project occur 3.2 Ga Cleaverville Iron Formation. It will understand sedimentation mechanism of banded Iron formation in pre Grate Oxidation event.
  • ICDP Barberton Greenstone belt drilling project focus to drilling of 3.5-3.2Ga oceanic sediments and crustal rocks.
  • Clear to iron formation mechanism by microbial activity form Iow Island.
  • Restored oceanic setting environment in Archean and Proerozoic ocean floor.
  • Drilling of 3.2Ga hydrothermal sedimentary secuence in Cleaverville Group in coastal Pilbara Greenstone terrane.
  • The Archean Biosphere Drilling Project.
Academic Activities
1. Super Time Scale of the Earth.
2. The Whole History of the Earth : The miracle of 4.6 Billion years revealed by geologic photographs.
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2. Shoichi Kiyokawa, Shoichiro Koge, Takashi Ito, Minoru Ikehara, An ocean-floor carbonaceous sedimentary sequence in the 3.2-Ga Dixon Island Formation, coastal Pilbara terrane, Western Australia. , Precambrian Research, 255, 2014.11.
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1. 清川 昌一, 鈴木 大志, Ecophysiology of iron-oxidizing Zetaproteobacteria in an iron oxyhydroxide mound in a shallow marine environment at Satsuma Iwo-jima, Japan. , AGU fall meeting, 2015.12.
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13. International Symposium on Material Science and History of Earth and Sister Planets
March 29-31 2006 Okayama University of Science.
14. IODP post cruse meeting.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Geological Society of Japan
  • The Society of Resource Geology
  • Sedimentological Society of Japan
  • 学外
  • 学外
  • 学外
  • Geological Society of Japan, Planetary earth photo contest: highest award "2.7 Ga iron mine in Brazil"
Other Educational Activities
  • 2015.03, Project A in KIGAM: Young scientist and student meeting in Project A Symposium in KIGAM Korea..
  • 2014.03, Projec A in Satsuma Iwo Jima: Post doctor, graduate student, undergraduate student and young scientist joint earth science meeting..
  • 2013.03, Project A symposium is for young scientist and students science meeting at Feb or March. We will join several university scientist and students joint and have symoisium and field trips. Place is every year changed.
    2003 Fukuoka; 2004 Kochi: 2005 Aso: 2006 Koshiki jima: 2007 Hawaii; 2008 Goto island; 2009 Fukuoka (ISC1 PW2009); 2010 Izu ooshima;2011 Shimabara Unnzen:2012: Taiwan Keeling Ocean University (ISC2 International Sympo); 2013 Izu Shimoda.
  • 2007.02.
  • 2003.11.
  • 2002.10.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Brighten up of the very cantry island which contains very good geology. I will try to help the country side activity to warm up..