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Yoshiyuki Ninomiya Last modified date:2018.01.11

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Ph. D.
Field of Specialization
Outline Activities
For statistical models and estimation methods to which conventional statistical theory cannot be applied, I develop an asymptotic theory peculiar to them and propose a model selection method base on it. In addition, using the developed techniques, I treat multiple testing problems.
Research Interests
  • Developing information criteria for propensity score analysis
    keyword : information criterion, propensity score analysis
  • Developing AIC for sparse regularization methods
    keyword : AIC, sparse regularization
  • A new p-value adjustment using spurious correlations
    keyword : p-value adjustment, spurious correlation
  • A p-value evaluation for highly correlated multiple testing
    keyword : geometrical approach, p-value adjustment
  • Model selection for exploratory factor analysis
    keyword : AIC, factor analysis, likelihood ratio test
  • Developing AIC for change-point analysis
    keyword : AIC, change-point analysis
  • Developing a tube method for change-point analysis
    keyword : change-point analysis, tube method
Academic Activities
1. Baba, T., Kanemori, T., Ninomiya, Y., A Cp criterion for semiparametric causal inference, Biometrika, 104, 845-861, 2017.12.
2. Ninomiya, Y., Kawano, S., AIC for the LASSO in generalized linear models, Electronic Journal of Statistics, 10, 2537-2560, 2016.09.
3. Ninomiya, Y., Change-point model selection via AIC, Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 10.1007/s10463-014-0481-x, 67, 943-961, 2015.10.
4. Ninomiya, Y., Yoshimoto, A., Statistical method for detecting structural change in the growth process, Biometrics, 64, 46-53, 2008.03.
5. Ninomiya, Y., Fujisawa, H., A conservative test for multiple comparison based on highly correlated test statistics, Biometrics, 63, 1135-1142, 2007.12.
6. Ninomiya, Y., Construction of conservative testing for change-point problems in two-dimensional random fields, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 10.1016/j.jmva.2004.02.005, 89, 2, 219-242, 2004.05.
Educational Activities
I have been in charge of a class about "statistics." I aim in such classes that students know how to use them. In seminar, I have done a lecture through the books about "statistics" which students want to read.