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Yasunobu Yoshikai Last modified date:2015.9.1

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Doctor of Medical Science
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Outline Activities
The host defense mechanisms against microbial infection are largely divided into two phases. Most of microorganisms are detected and destroyed within hours by innate immunity which preexist and are not antigen-specific. Innate immunity is mainly mediated by macrophages and neutrophils. Adaptive response is mediated by antigen-specific lymphocytes, which require several days for clonal expansion and differentiation of naive lymphocytes into effector cells. We have proposed a novel host defense mechanism termed " primitive immunity", which bridges the gap between innate and adaptive immunity in terms of the time sequence after infection. "Primitive immunityÅh, which is mediated by NK, NKT cells and gd T cells, can be activated by infection but does not generate lasting protective immunity. The "primitive immunity" serve not only to bridge the gap between innate and adaptive immunity but also to shape subsequent development of adaptive immunity against microbiral infection. We investigate the role of “primitive immunity” in microbial infection, tumor development and inflammatory diseases including allergy and autoimmunity.
Research Interests
  • Infection and immunity
    keyword : bacteria, virus, fungus, tumor, allergy
  • Infection and Immunity
    keyword : bacteria, virus, fungus, tumor, allergy
Academic Activities
1. Nishimura H.. , Yajima T., Muta H., Podack E.R., Tani K., and Yoshikai Y.,A novel role of CD30/CD30L signaling in the generation of long-lived memory CD8+T cells,J.Immunol,Vol.175,No.7,175:4627-34.,2005.10.
2. Yajima T., Nishimura H., Sad S., Shen.H. , Kuwano H. and Yoshikai Y.,Critical role of IL-15 in early activation of memory CD8+ CTL after re-infection.,J.Immunol.,174:3590-7.,2005.03.
3. Nishimura H., Fujimoto A., Naoyuki T., Yajima T., Wajjwalku W, and Yoshikai Y.,A novel autoregulatory mechanism for transcriptional activation of IL-15 gene by Non-secretable Isoform of IL-15 Generated by Alternative Splicing,FASEB J,Vol.19,No.1,19:19-28, 2005,2005.01.
4. Tagawa, T., Nishimura, H., Yajima, T., Hara, H., Kishihara, K., Matsuzaki, G., Yoshino,I., Maehara, Y. and Yoshikai. Y.,Vdelta1-gamma delta T cells producing CC chemokines may bridge a gap between neutrophils and macrophages in innate immunity during Escherichia coli infection in mice,J. Immunol.,173:5156-5164,2004.09.
5. Nishimura, H., Yajima, T., Naiki, Y., Tsunobuchi, H., Umemura, M., Itano, K.,Matsuguchi, T., Suzuki, M., Ohashi, P, M., and Yoshikai, Y.:,Differential roles of IL-15 mRNA isoforms generated by alternative splicing in immune responses in vivo.,J. Exp. Med.,191:157-170, 2000.,2000.01.
Educational Activities
Courses: Immunology, Bacteriology
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Immunostimulating food