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Dongchon Kang Last modified date:2018.07.10

Professor / Pathobiology / Department of Basic Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Kang, D., Cellular and Genetic Practices for Translational Medicine, Research Signpost, 2011.03.
2. Misaki, H.Kang, D.Tatesihi, K., Reference Procedures for the Measurement of Catalytic Concentration of Enzymes, Japan Society of Clinical Chemistry, 2005.01.
3. Kang, D. and Takeshige, K., ROS genarating system in mitochondria, microsomes, and peroxisomes in Experimental Protocols for Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species, Oxford University Press, pp. 30-39, 2000.01.
4. Kang, D., Takeshige, K., Sekiguchi, M. and Singh, K.K., Chapter1: INTRODUCTION in Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in Aging, Disease and Cancer., R.G. Landes Company, pp. 1-15, 1998.01.