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Akihito Hagihara Last modified date:2018.06.07

Professor / Graduate School of Medice, Department of Health Care Administaration and Management
Department of Basic Medicine
Faculty of Medical Sciences

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Kyushu University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Health Care Aadministrtion and Management .
Academic Degree
Ph.D. (Osaka University), MPH (The University of Michigan)
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
social epidemiology, health service research, communication in medicine
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Research: In the field of health services management and policy, in order to obtain useful findings in securing reliable health care, I have conducted the folloing research projects.
(1) Epidemiological analysis of emergency medicine in Japan,
(2) Epidemiological analysis of suicide in Jpana,
(3) Study on an associaition between physician-patient communication and medical disputes,
(4) Study on the types of effects of physician-patient communication, such as patient
satisfaction, patient's adherence to medical legimen, etc., and its predictors.
In addition, I have performed the following in the field of occupational health.
(5) Study on work stress and its buffering factors among white-collar workers.
Education: For graduate students and associates of our department, I have chaired seminars twice a week in our department, which are held on Monday evening and Wednesday morning. In the seminars, group discussion based on a research paper and a lecture using a textbook are carried out. As a mentor, I also have worked togethor with gradate students on their research projects individually. In these collaborations, I have given advice and taught how to make up theses.
Social activities: I have chaired a monthly open seminar for those health professionals who are interested in health administration and policy.
Research Interests
  • A study on ambulance service in Japan
    keyword : ambulance service, OHCA, Utstein data, outcome
  • A study on the outcome of patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest based upon the Utstein data in Japan
    keyword : out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, OHCA, Utstein data, outcome
  • An epidemiological analysis of suicide in Japan
    keyword : suicide, epidemiology, Japan
  • A study on patient-physician interaction in Japanese medical settings.
    keyword : physician, patient, interaction, communication
    2001.01In order to reveal how a physician and a patient interact in medical settings in Japan, we have analyzed randomly-selected physician-patient pairs data in Fukuoka. We have also evaluated the effects of physician-paptient interaction upon other domains, such as patient satisfaction, treatment effects, etc..
  • A study on the causes and resolution of medical disputes in Japan.
    keyword : medical disputes, litigation, causes, resolution
    2001.01Medical disputes have been increasing in number in recent years in Japan. Preventing medical disputes or resolving them at an early stage is extremely important. In order to obtain findings effective in preventing or resolving medical disputes, we have analyzed claims reported to a local medical associaiton and the decisions of medical malpractice litigations made by 10 district courts..
  • A study on work stress and physical and menatal helth.
    keyword : work stress, social support, physicial health, mental health
    2000.01We have adopted a signal detection analysis (SDA) approach, and analyzed an association between work stress and mental/physical health status among white-collar workers. Social support usually buffers the deliterious effects of work stress. We have idetified the stress-buffering effects of social support more throughly with the use of SDA approach..
  • A study on the improvement of helath care quality based on DPC and critical pathways data
    keyword : DPC, critical pathways, quality of health care
Current and Past Project
  • In the research project which utilizes the Utstein data on patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, outcome of the patients and factors related to the outcome will be studied.
Academic Activities
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2. Akihito Hagihara, A signal detection approach to grouping participants for tailored work-site weight-loss programs., Nova Science(New York), In (Ed) Carrie P. Saylor, Weight loss, exercise and health reserch, pp.71-97., 2005.12.
3. Health Communication
Strategies for Health Professionals.
4. Prevention of medical disputes and health communication.
5. Through the patient's eyes.
6. Akihito Hagihara, Koichi Nobutomo, Economic incentives and adherence to antihypertensive teratment among Japanese patients.
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Membership in Academic Society
  • European Public Health Conference
  • The Japanese Society for Hygiene
  • Japan Health Communication Association
Educational Activities
Graduate studies:
(1) I have been in charge of a part of a class entitled "Social research method" for graduate students. In the class, I taught "an approach to social research". As a mentor, I also have worked together with graduate students on their research projects.
(2) I have taught "communication in medicine" in a graduate school for health care administartion and management.

Undergraduate course:
(1) I taught "medical insurance system in Japan" for 4th year undergraduate medical students at Kyushu University.
(2) I taught "health commnunication" for students at the school of health sciences, Kyushu University.

Extra curriculam education:
As a part-time lecturer, I taught "Evaluation of health-promoting activities" at Osaka University, School of Medicine, and hold reserch seminer session at Fukui University, School of Medicine, respectively.
Professional and Outreach Activities
(1) We accepted a foreigh student from China by way of Fukuoka Prefectural government, and educated them about the health care sysytem and health policies in our country in 1997 and 1998.

(2) I chaired a kyushu University Open Seminar entitled "Health Communication" in November, 2000.

(3) I have been invoved in a joint study on the medical disputes resolution system in Uzubekistan.

(3) I have been connducting an intervention to reduce mental stress level among white-collar workers at a production company..