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Akihiko Kawano Last modified date:2015.8.28

Professor / Structural Engineering and Disaster Mitigation Section
Department of Architecture and Urban Design
Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
Administration Post

Academic Degree
Docter of Engineering
Field of Specialization
Structural engineering of Architecture
Outline Activities
Research topics: Improvement of Earthquake-resistant design for steel structures and concrete-filled tubular structures by means of experimental works on columns, column bases, bracing members, truss elements and structural subassemblies, and nonlinear numerical analyses on planar or three-dimensional multi-story building models. Development of performance-based design for skyscrapers under extra severe earthquakes. Development of impulse resistant design of CFT structures subjected to Tsunami flotsam.
Education: Structural mechanics of architectures, Design and Construction of Steel structures, steel-concrete composite structures, plastic analysis and structural analysis.
Social activities: Member of assessment committee of tecnical skill and quality control of steel-structure fabricaters, and member of examination committee for inspectors of steel structural products in the Japan Steel Rib Fablicating Association. Chair of subnetwork for education and enlightment of steel structures of Kyushu branch of The Japan Iron and Steel Federation. Chair of architectural steel structures council in Fukuoka Prefecture. Chair of research interchange meeting for steel structures in Fukuoka. Member of committees of Earthquake disaster prevention, promotion of earthquake proofing, and seismic reinforcement.
Research Interests
  • Development of Joints for Concrete-Filled-Tubular Members using Encased Steel Bars
    keyword : Concrete Filled Tube, Reinforcing Bar, Stress Transfer, Column Joint, Column Base, Beam-to-Coll
  • performance-based design methods of steel structures and steel-concrete composite structures
    keyword : dynamic response of multi-story rigid frame, concrete-filled steel tubular structure, steel structure, composite structure, seismic-resistant design
  • Investigation on structural performance of building structures composed of concrete-fillled tubular columns with reinforcing bars
    keyword : concrete filled steel tube, reinforcing bar, stress transfer, column joint, column base, beam-to-column connection
  • Development of deformation control method for multi-story buildings with hysteretic dampers
    keyword : hysteretic damper, viscose damper, highrise building, optimum locations of dampers, deformation control design, coupled vibration control
  • Development of Impulse load resistant design for concrete filled tubular structures subjected to Tsunami debris
    keyword : steel concrete composite structure, Tsunami, impulse load
  • Development of seismic safety assessment and retrofit of skyscrapers under extra severe earthquakes
    keyword : seismic-resistant design, dynamic analysis, response control, earthquakes with long period waves, ultra highrise building
  • Application research on structural systems using super high strength steel
    keyword : ultra high strength steel, new structural system, composite member, flexural buckling, lateral buckling, CFT member
Current and Past Project
  • This research topic is for development of new concrete-filled tubular connections not using steel welding. The connections utilize encased steel bars in the concrete-filled tubular member, in order to select many stress transfer mechanisms, such as steel bars tensile stress, infill concrete compressive stress, and steel tubular axial, bending, and shear stress. The new connections make the construction easier and serve stable behaviors under severe earthquakes.
  • The purpose of this study is to make clear the safety margin of skyscrapers under severe earthquake which is thought to attack the building in its life cycle. The target of the skyscrapers' structural system are steel stuructures, reinforced concrete structures, and concrete-filled structures. Being based on the numerical dynamic analysis of the skyscrapers, the tools and method to simulate the realistic earthquake damage will be gotten ready, and the lower costed technics to strengthen the exsiting skyscrapers.
  • Research on Seismic Performance of Hybrid Strucure System of Steel-Concrete in High Seismic Intensity Region
  • Research of Development of truss structures composed of timber and steel composite members
  • As one of the phase in Research Project by Cabinet Office and ministries and government offices "Study on Development of new structural system using Innovative Structural Materials", We developped the design formulae of built-up steel structural members with strength of 700N/mm2, through the experiments and theoretical analysis.
  • Concrete-filled tubular (CFT) structures are oftenly used for high-rise office buildings in Japan. However, the applications of CFT strucutures seem to be wide, and it is now focussing on the use for low-rise buildings supporting heavy weight live loads. In such case, the large sectional dimensions will be required for CFT columns, but the thickness of column tubes may be reduced as thin as possible. In the project, a CFT structural system of CFT columns with very large diameter-to-thickness ratios will be developed.
  • A full scale test on an existing building of a typical two-story steel office.
  • A combination of wood material, which can be reproduced in natural circumstances, and steel material, which recycle rate is over 95%, will make possible the effective environmental protection system for architectural structures. Being based on the concept, a prototype of public houses has been proposed. Regarding with the prototype structure, a construction cost, life-cycle cost, and environmental assesments for inside and outside the houses are being investigated. The next target will be school houses.
  • With regard to stress transportation of steel tubes to infill concrete in CFT column to H shaped beam connections, an experimental investigation is conducted from the view points of the bond strength and the effect of mechanical shear connectors.
  • To develop a steel, concrete hybrid structures in new generation by using anti-seismic walls with a vertical slit and truss beams with anti-buckling chords.
  • The typical damage of low or middle hi-rise steel buildings by strong earthquakes is the crack or falling down of outer walls. The project's target are to use the wall as a damper by developping a new fasteners between walls and a building frame to have a hysteretic characteristic. By using the new fasteners, it may be easy to improve the seismic-resistant capacity of such steel buildings.
Academic Activities
1. Recommendations for Design and Construction of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Structures.
2. Guidelines for dynamic seismic design of steel frames using CFT columns.
3. Interim Report on a Study of Environmental-symbiotic Houses Composed of Wood and Steel Materials..
4. Report on a Full Scale Loading Test on An Existing Steel Building.
1. Prediction of Maximum Earthquake Response Story Shear of Wall-Frame Buildings with Hysteresis Dampers Considering Higher Mode Damping. .
2. 小俵慶太、河野昭彦、松尾真太朗、白 涌滔,部材の耐力劣化を考慮した超高層建築物の終局耐震性能,鋼構造年次論文報告集,Vol.19,pp.819-826,2011.11. .
3. 小林康子、松尾真太朗、河野昭彦,降伏点の変動を考慮した不均等スパン骨組の耐震性能に関する考察,鋼構造年次論文報告集,Vol.19,pp.743-748,2011.11. .
4. 大角建、河野昭彦、松尾真太朗,履歴型ダンパー付骨組におけるダンパーの簡易設計法に関する研究,鋼構造年次論文報告集,Vol.19,pp.429-436,2011.11. .
5. Qiyun QIAO, Shintaro MATSUO, Toshihiko NINAKAWA, Akihiko KAWANO,An Experimental Study on Mechanical Behavior of Non Base Plate-Omitted-Type Square CFT Column Base with Built-In Reinforcements,Proceedings of the 9th Symposium on Research and Application of Hybrid and Composite Structures,pp.240-247,2011.11. .
6. Qiyun QIAO, Akihiko KAWANO, Yasunori NAKAMURA,An Experimental Study on Elastic-Plastic Behaviors and Bending Strengths of Circular CFT Column Bases with Built-In High Strength Reinforcements,Proceedings of the 9th Symposium on Research and Application of Hybrid and Composite Structures,pp.230-239,2011.11. .
7. 白涌滔、小俵慶太、河野昭彦、松尾真太朗,繰返し載荷を受けるコンクリート充填鋼管部材に対する各種解析モデルの解析精度の比較,九州大学大学院人間環境学研究院紀要「都市・建築学研究」,No.20,pp.119-127,2011.07. .
8. ジュナス ナスルディン、河野昭彦、松尾真太朗,ダブルチューブ合成構造の耐震性に関する解析的研究,九州大学大学院人間環境学研究院紀要「都市・建築学研究」,No.20,pp.119-127,2011.07. .
9. An Experimental Study on Mechanical Behaviors of Non Base-Plate Column Bases of Square CFTs with Built-in Reinforcements. .
10. Qiyun QIAO, Toshihiko NINAGAWA, Akihiko KAWANO,Experimental Study on Mechanical Behavior of Square CFT Column Base with built-in Reinforcements,Pacific Structural Steel Conference 2010, Beijing, China,Pacific Structural Steel Conference 2010, Beijing, China, pp.806-814, October 19-22, 2010,2010.10. .
11. A method to improve distribution of story drift angle responses in CFT moment-resistant frames under severe earthquakes. .
12. A full-scale loading test of an existent steel building. .
13. A proposal of the improvement methods of earthquake response in CFT moment resistance frames, Journal of Construction Steel, Japanese Society of Steel Construction.. .
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Society of Civil Engineers
  • Japan Concrete Institute
  • Janan Association for Earthquake Eingineering
  • The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science
  • Asssociation of Steel and Concrete Composite Structures
  • Japanese Society of Steel Constructions
  • Architecutural Institute of Japan
Educational Activities
Lectures for graduate students: Doctoral Studies in Structural Analysis, Doctoral Thesis Research, Master Thesis Research, Advanced Theory of Structural Analysis, Seminar on Structural Design of Earthquake-Resistant Buildings.
Lectures for undergraduate students: Introduction to Architectural Structures, Architectural Design Studio I and II, Introduction to Researches in Architecture, Graduate Thesis Research in Architecture, Theory of Elasticity 1, Theory of Elasticity 2, Steel and Composite Structures, Seminar in Design of Building Structures.
Text books: Structural mechanics of Architecture, Architectural structures in steel, Practice of structural design in steel, Introduction to structural design in archtecture, etc.
Professional and Outreach Activities
1990.1. Member of committee in Kyushu blanch of Architectural Institute of Japan(AIJ)
1993.4. Member of academic committee of LRFD for steel-reinforced concrete structures of AIJ
1994.4. Secretary of academic committee of tubular structures of AIJ
1996.4. Member of academic committee of structural stability in steel structures of AIJ
1998.6. Member of screening committee in Fukuoka Pref. of the Japanese society of steel fabricaters
1999.4. Member of academic committee of concrete-filled tubular structures of AIJ
2000.10.Member of assesment committee of the Japanese society of steel fabricaters
2000.12.Member of assesment committee of the Japan steel structure assesment center
2002.4. Chief secretary of sub-network in Kyushu of the Japan Iron and Steel Federation
2002.4. Secretary of academic committee of nonlinear dynamic design of concrete-filled tubular structures of the Japan Society of Steel Construction
2003.4. Member of steering committee of composite structures of AIJ
2004.4. Chief of editorial committee of Journal of steel structures of the Japan Society of Steel Construction
2005.4. Member of steering committee of steel structures of AIJ
2006.4. Member of test committee of inspectors of steel products in the steel rib fabrication assosication in Japan
2006.4. Member of sub-committee of connection design of hybrid structures in the Japanese society of steel construction.
2006.4. Chief of committee of architectural structures of Kyushu branch of AIJ
2006.4. Chief of sub-committee of CFT design guidelines revision in SCCS steering committee of AIJ
2006.4. Secretary of SCCS steering committee of AIJ
2007.1. Member of committee on measures against seismic damage in Fukuoka city
2007.4. Chief of Working Group to examine the Standard on Steel-Concrete Composite Structures in SCCS steering committee of AIJ
2007.4. Member of examination committee of the Encouragement prize of AIJ
2008.4. Chief of Sub committee of the Standard on Steel-Concrete Composite Structures in SCCS steering committee of AIJ
2009.4. Chief of Sub committee to make the Standard on Steel-Concrete Composite Structures in SCCS steering committee of AIJ
2011.4. Chief of SCCS steering committee of AIJ
2011.4. Member of committee to authenticate the performance of structures in JBRC
2012.4. Member of committee to evaluate the performance of structures in JBRC
2013.6. Manager of Kyushu branch of AIJ