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Setsuo Takaki Last modified date:2018.01.12

Professor / Course of Material Processing and Engineering
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
Other Organization
Administration Post
Director of the Research Center for Steel

Academic Degree
Research on agiing reaction in maraging type ultra high strength steels
Field of Specialization
structural material engineering
Outline Activities
My speciality in research is on the academic basis of strengthening mechanism and its application technologh aiming the development of mechanical proprerties in steels. Our group including the other staffs and students has received many awards such as paper award, academic award and poster award in international conferences through the research activities. In the field of education, I contribute to many social education programs organized by academic societies and institutes as well as to the education of students in Kyushu university. In 2005, I built up the RESEARCH CENTER FOR STEEL in our university and, since then, I have been operating the collaboration reserches between steel companies and universities and collaborated education programs for graduate students as the head of RESEARCH CENTER. In our university, I have engaged in the task of vice-dean and councilor in the Faculty OF ENGINEERING. On the social activities, I have responsibilities with the management of IRON AND STEEL INSTITUTE OF JAPAN and JAPAN SOCIETY FOR HEAT TREATMENT as one of directors, and also contributed to the scientific development as one of the judging committee members in JSP, NEDO and so on. In this decade, I have organized three distinguished international conferences as the chair person and I have been contributing to the global development of science person as an international committee member in many international conferences such a THERMEC.
Research Interests
  • Organization control of the high alloy martensite steel
    keyword : Martensite, austenite, organization control
  • Organization control of the high nitrogen steel
    keyword : High nitrogen, organization control
  • Reverse metamorphoses from martensite to austenite
    keyword : Martensite, austenite, aspect metamorphosis
  • Influence of the trace element which gives it to efficiency of the crystal grain miniaturization reinforcement
    keyword : Crystal grain miniaturization, Hall-Petch, trace element
  • Organization control of the perlite steel and an organization and mechanical characteristic elucidation of relationships
    keyword : A perlite, piano wire
  • Metamorphic mechanism elucidation of 共析組織 in steel materials
    keyword : A perlite, piano wire
  • Fabrication of high nitrogen stainless steels
    keyword : Nitrogen absorption. Equipment for continuous wire heat treatment
  • Development of bio-metallic materials and its evaluation
    keyword : Nickel free stainless steel, Titanium alloy
  • Basic research on the strengthening mechanism in steel materials
    keyword : Grain refinement strengthening, Particle dispersion strengthening, Dislocation strengthening, Solid solution strengthening
  • Relation between microstructure and mechanical properties in micron-sized materials
    keyword : Small-sized wire, Grain size, Strength, Ductility
  • Investigation on microstructure control and strengthening mechanism in Cu bearing steels.
    keyword : Presipitation strengthening, Work hardening, Fracture
  • Research on work hardening and ductile fracture mechanism of steel materials.
    keyword : Dislocation structure, Second phase particles, Micro void, Grain boundary
  • Research on microstructure control of structural materials by mechanical milling treatment
    keyword : Powder metallurgy, Mechanical milling, Consolidation, Mechanical property
Academic Activities