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Hiroshi Noguchi Last modified date:2018.06.09

Professor / Strength of Materials / Department of Mechanical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. 野口 博司, Evaluation of Metal Fatigue Characteristics Considering the Effect of Defects, NOVA, 2011.12.
2. Hiroshi Noguchi, Evaluation Method for Mean Stress Effect on Fatigue Limit of Non-Combustible Mg Alloy in ' Magenesium Alloys, Theory and Applications'
, INTECH , 2010.12.
3. Koji IKEMATSU, Takuhiro MISHINMA, Min-woo KANG, Yuuta AONO and Hiroshi NOGUCHI , Effect of Pre-strain on Fatigue Crack Growth of Age-hardened Al 6061-T6 in ASTM Special Technical Publication 1508 STP, pp.561-573. , 2010.04.
4. Min-woo KANG, Kentaro IRISA, Yuuta AONO and Hiroshi NOGUCHI, Prediction of the Fatigue Limit of Pre-strained Carbon Steel under Tensile Mean Stress in 'ASTM Special Technical Publication 1508 STP', ASTM, pp.164-182., 2010.04.
5. Techcical dictionary for mechanical engineers..
6. Techcical dictionary for mechanical engineers..