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Atsushi Takahara Last modified date:2015.8.4

Graduate School
Other Organization
Administration Post
Director of the Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

Academic Degree
Dr. Engineering
Field of Specialization
Polymer Science
Outline Activities
Outline of Research
1) Surface and Interfacial Properties of Soft Interfaces
2) Surface and Interfacial Structure of Soft Interfaces
3) Polymer and Organic Ultrathin Films
4) Polymer-Based nanomaterials
5) Bio-Based Polymers and Elastomers
6) Characterization of Structure and Dynamics of Soft Materials by Quantum Beam
Research Interests
  • Precise Structural Control adn Characterization of Soft Interfaces
    keyword : Soft Interfaces, Scanning force microscopy, GIWAXD, GISAXS, XPCS, Dynamics
  • tribological Characteristics of Polymer and Organic Thin Films
    keyword : Organic Monolayer, Polymer Brushes, Nanotribology, Friction, Wear
  • Design of Novel Biodegradable Polyurethanes
    keyword : Biodegradation, Tissue engineering, Polyurethane
  • Novel Polymer Nanohybrids from Inoriganic Nanofiller
    keyword : Nanofiller, Magnetite, Imogolite, Interface, Hybrid
Current and Past Project
  • Surface and interfacial properties of polymeric materials have received great attention due to its technological applications such as composite, lubrication, adhesion, microelectronics devices and biomaterials. In order to realize highly functionalized surfaces, the researches on the surface and interfacial structure control of polymeric solids have been achieved in this project.
Academic Activities
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2. [URL].
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5. A. Takahara,Molecular Assembly of Organosilanes "in the Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Dekker, NY"
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1. Molecular Aggregation States of Poly(2-(perfluorooctyl)ethyl acrylate)-block-PMMA Brush Thin Films.
2. Molecular Aggregation States of Poly(2-(perfluorooctyl)ethyl acrylate)-block-PMMA Brush Thin Films.
3. Influence of a Graft Density and Ionic Strength on the Chain Conformation of Polyelectrolyte Brushes in Aqueous Solution.
4. Analysis of swelling structure of polyelectrolyte brushes at the aqueous solution interface by neutron reflectively.
5. Effect of Ionic Strength on Interfacial Structure of Polyelectrolyte Brushes/Aqueous Solution.
6. Tribological property of polyelectrolyte brush surface in quasi-human body environment.
7. Water Lubrication System through Stable Immobilization of Super Hydrophilic Polymer Gel Thin Film.
8. Neutron reflectivity measurements at the polyelectrolyte brushes / aqueous solution interface..
9. Effect of Ionic Strength on Tritribological properties of polyelectrolyte brush in aqueous solution.
10. Molecular Aggregation States of poly(vinyl alcohol) Grafted from a flat silicon wafer and silica nanoparticle.
  • For developing new insights into the surface dynamics and glassy behavior of polymer thin films, development of charged side-chains polyelectrolyte brushes and polymer nanohybrids from aluminosilicate nanotubes
  • Study on the Reliability of Adhesion-PBT/Epoxy Interface
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