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Hirotsugu Kikuchi Last modified date:2018.08.31

Professor / nano-organization / Department of Integrated Materials / Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

1. Rijeesh Kizhakidathazhath, Hiroki Higuchi, Yasushi Okumura, Hirotsugu Kikuchi, Weak Anchoring Interface Inducing Acrylate Copolymer Designs for High-Performance Polymer-Stabilized Blue Phase Liquid Crystal Displays, ChemistrySelect, 10.1002/slct.201701233, 2, 23, 6728-6731, 2017.01, Polymer-stabilized blue phase liquid crystal (PS-BPLC) is emerging as a strong competitor for next-generation liquid crystal displays and optoelectronic devices. However, the realization of technologies built on PS-BPLC requires lowering of driving voltage without sacrificing other desirable properties of blue phase liquid crystals. Here, we present a new method for voltage reduction in PS-BPLC based on the stabilization of BPLC with weak anchoring interface inducing acrylate monomers. This method provides significant voltage reduction while maintaining the electro-optical performance of BPLCs at the same time. We believe that this approach has a great potential in developing high-performance photonic devices and displays based on liquid crystals..
2. Yusuke Ishigaki, Hidetoshi Kawai, Ryo Katoono, Kenshu Fujiwara, Hiroki Higuchi, Hirotsugu Kikuchi, Takanori Suzuki, Bis(diarylethenyl)-thiophenes,-bithiophenes, and-terthiophenes
A new series of electrochromic systems that exhibit a fluorescence response, Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 10.1139/cjc-2016-0222, 95, 3, 243-252, 2017.01, 2,5-Bis(diarylethenyl)thiophenes (1) and their bithiophene (2) and terthiophene (3) homologues were designed as a new series of violene/cyanine-hybrid-type electrochromic materials. Alkoxyphenyl and dialkylaminophenyl groups are used as the aryl group in the cyanine parts of 1/2/3O and 1/2/3N, respectively, which emit fluorescence in the neutral state but not in the oxidized state. Voltammetric analyses of 18 newly prepared electron donors show that they all undergo two reversible one-electron oxidations. Redox potentials, UV-vis spectral features, and fluorescence quantum yields are important parameters for characterizing the present electrochromic behavior with a fluorescence response, and can be finely tuned by changing aryl groups in the cyanine part, the number of thiophene rings in the violene part, and the alkyl-chain length of the alkoxyphenyl or diaklylaminophenyl groups (R = CH3, C8H17, C16H33), which makes this a versatile platform for the design of novel electrochromic materials..
3. Hiroya Nishikawa, Kazuya Shiroshita, Hiroki Higuchi, Yasushi Okumura, Yasuhiro Haseba, Shin Ichi Yamamoto, Koki Sago, Hirotsugu Kikuchi, A Fluid Liquid-Crystal Material with Highly Polar Order, Advanced Materials, 10.1002/adma.201702354, 29, 43, 2017.11, An anomalously large dielectric permittivity of ≈10<sup>4</sup> is found in the mesophase temperature range (MP phase) wherein high fluidity is observed for a liquid-crystal compound having a 1,3-dioxane unit in the mesogenic core (DIO). In this temperature range, no sharp X-ray diffraction peak is observed at both small and wide Bragg angles, similar to that for a nematic phase; however, an inhomogeneous sandy texture or broken Schlieren one is observed via polarizing optical microscopy, unlike that for a conventional nematic phase. DIO exhibits polarization switching with a large polarization value, i.e., P = 4.4 µC cm<sup>−2</sup>, and a parallelogram-shaped polarization–electric field hysteresis loop in the MP phase. The inhomogeneously aligned DIO in the absence of an electric field adopts a uniform orientation along an applied electric field when field-induced polarization switching occurs. Furthermore, sufficiently larger second-harmonic generation is observed for DIO in the MP phase. Second-harmonic-generation interferometry clearly shows that the sense of polarization is inverted when the +/− sign of the applied electric field in MP is reversed. These results suggest that a unidirectional, ferroelectric-like parallel polar arrangement of the molecules is generated along the director in the MP phase..
4. Hiroya Nishikawa, Daigou Mochizuki, Hiroki Higuchi, Yasushi Okumura, Hirotsugu Kikuchi, Reversible Broad-Spectrum Control of Selective Reflections of Chiral Nematic Phases by Closed-/Open-Type Axially Chiral Azo Dopants, ChemistryOpen, 10.1002/open.201700170, 6, 6, 2017.12, Invited for this month's cover picture is the groups of Professor Hirotsugu Kikuchi and Dr. Yasushi Okumura at the Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering at Kyushu University (Japan). External dynamic control of molecular self-organized superstructures with unique features has been researched, as these structures are applicable to chiral molecular devices. The cover picture shows photocontrol of selective reflection color that originated from the self-organized helical structure of chiral nematic liquid crystals (N*LCs) using closed-/open-type dopants. The drastic structure changes of the dopants by light stimuli enable reversible broad-spectrum control of selective reflections of N*LCs with opposite helical sign. Read the full text of the Full Paper at 10.1002/open.201700121..
5. Hiroya Nishikawa, Daigou Mochizuki, Hiroki Higuchi, Yasushi Okumura, Hirotsugu Kikuchi, Reversible Broad-Spectrum Control of Selective Reflections of Chiral Nematic Phases by Closed-/Open-Type Axially Chiral Azo Dopants, ChemistryOpen, 10.1002/open.201700121, 6, 6, 710-720, 2017.12, We demonstrate reversible RGB-color photocontrol of a chiral nematic liquid crystal (N*LC) by using newly synthesized closed- and open-type chiral dopants. The photoswitching elements in the dopants are azobenzene units on axially chiral binaphthyl cores. Owing to cis–trans photoisomerization of the azobenzene units, both closed- and open-type compounds showed higher solubility, larger helical twisting power (HTP), and larger changes in HTP than conventional chiral dopants in host LCs. Thus, even at very low dopant concentrations, we successfully controlled the chirality of the induced helical structure of the N*LCs. Consequently, the N*LCs reflected right- and left-handed circularly polarized light (CPL) under a light stimulus. In the N*LCs with closed-type chiral dopants, the RGB-color reflection was reversibly controlled within several seconds. Interestingly, the open-type chiral dopant reversibly inverted CPL with opposite handedness in the near and short-wave IR regions. These novel materials are expected to realize new applications and perspectives in color information and similar technologies..
6. Yu Narazaki, Hiroya Nishikawa, Hiroki Higuchi, Yasushi Okumura, Hirotsugu Kikuchi, Substituent effects of bridged binaphthyl-type chiral dopants on the helical twisting power in dopant-induced chiral liquid crystals, RSC Advances, 10.1039/c7ra12465a, 8, 2, 971-979, 2018.01, A new series of chiral dopants, (R)-6,6′-halogenated (1b-1e, X = F, Cl, Br and I) and -methylated (1f) binaphthyl compounds, were designed and synthesized to create chiral liquid crystals by doping them into an achiral nematic liquid crystal (NLC). The influence of halogen (X = F, Cl, Br and I) and methyl substituent factors, such as steric, polar, and polarizability properties, on the helical twisting power (HTP) and their temperature dependences on the chiral dopants were investigated in two host NLCs with different characteristics, fluorinated JC-1041XX and N-(4-methoxybenzylidene)-4-butylaniline (MBBA). The chiral dopants possessing less steric and larger polarizability factors increased the HTP values. The structural similarity and electrostatic arene-arene interactions between the chiral dopants and the NLC molecules also exerted important influences on these values. The temperature dependence of the HTP (HTPt.d.) values also correlated well with the steric and polarizability substituents factors in the two host NLCs. Their correlation coefficients (R2) depended on the molecular structural similarity between the chiral dopant and the NLC..
7. Junichi Fukuda, Yasushi Okumura, Hirotsugu Kikuchi, Numerical calculation of Kossel diagrams of cholesteric blue phases, 2018 Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies XIII Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies XIII, 10.1117/12.2286290, 10555, 2018.01, Kossel diagrams visualize the directions of strong Bragg reflections from a specimen with periodic ordering. They have played a pivotal role in the determination of the symmetry of cholesteric blue phases, and in the investigation of their structural changes under an electric field. In this work, we present direct numerical calculations of the Kossel diagrams of cholesteric blue phases by solving the Maxwell equations for the transmission and reflection of light incident upon a finite-thickness blue phase cell. Calculated Kossel diagrams are in good agreement with what is expected as a result of Bragg reflections, although some differences are present..
8. Misaki Takahashi, Takuma Ohkawa, Hiroyuki Yoshida, Junichi Fukuda, Hirotsugu Kikuchi, Masanori Ozaki, Orientation of liquid crystalline blue phases on unidirectionally orienting surfaces, Journal Physics D: Applied Physics, 10.1088/1361-6463/aaaa4b, 51, 10, 2018.02, Liquid crystalline cholesteric blue phases (BPs) continue to attract interest due to their fast response times and quasi-polarization-independent phase modulation capabilities. Various approaches have recently been proposed to control the crystal orientation of BPs on substrates; however, their basic orientation properties on standard, unidirectionally orienting alignment layers have not been investigated in detail. Through analysis of the azimuthal orientation of Kossel diagrams, we study the 3D crystal orientation of a BP material - with a phase sequence of cholesteric, BP I, and BP II - on unidirectionally orienting surfaces prepared using two methods: rubbing and photoalignment. BP II grown from the isotropic phase is sensitive to surface conditions, with different crystal planes orienting on the two substrates. On the other hand, strong thermal hysteresis is observed in BPs grown through a different liquid crystal phase, implying that the preceding structure determines the orientation. More specifically, the BP II-I transition is accompanied by a rotation of the crystal such that the crystal direction defined by certain low-value Miller indices transform into different directions, and within the allowed rotations, different azimuthal configurations are obtained in the same cell depending on the thermal process. Our findings demonstrate that, for the alignment control of BPs, the thermal process is as important as the properties of the alignment layer..
9. Van Bao Bui, Yo Inoue, Hiroki Higuchi, Hirotsugu Kikuchi, Hiroshi Moritake, Response Improvement of Microstrip Line Microwave and Milliwave Phase Shifter Utilizing Polymer Stabilized Nematic Liquid Crystal with UV Polymerization, Electronics and Communications in Japan, 10.1002/ecj.12033, 101, 3, 49-57, 2018.03, With nowadays development of cellular phones and satellite communications, liquid crystal materials have attracted considerable attention for realizing these electrically controllable microwave and milliwave components. As usual, nematic liquid crystal is mainly used for microstrip line (MSL) phase shifter, but when driving voltage is removed, the response time is very long. In this study, we discuss application of polymer stabilized nematic liquid crystals with UV polymerization for improving the response time in MSL phase shifter in which phase shift is about two times larger than that in CPW phase shifter..
10. Fahad Mateen, Heemuk Oh, Wansu Jung, Sae Youn Lee, Hirotsugu Kikuchi, Sung Kyu Hong, Polymer dispersed liquid crystal device with integrated luminescent solar concentrator, Liquid Crystals, 10.1080/02678292.2017.1357845, 45, 4, 498-506, 2018.03, Polymer dispersed Liquid crystal (PDLC) windows are regarded as a good choice for curtain-free windows. However, conventional PDLC needs external electricity to operate, which causes extra energy consumption. These devices cannot be combined with traditional solar cells for energy savings. In this study, a new design of luminescent solar concentrator (LSC)-based PDLC device is presented. In particular, we successfully demonstrate that the PDLC can be integrated with LSC as its back scatter and potentially contributes towards the enhancement of power output by minimising backside light losses. Multi-luminophore LSC is employed to increase the absorption of air mass 1.5 solar irradiance. The edge emission measurements show multiple-luminophore-based PDLC-LSC gives the maximum edge emission power which is 1.7 times more than that of single luminophore-based PDLC-LSC device. Photocurrent measurements are also performed as an additional evidence for the improved performance of PDLC-LSC device. Finally, the visual properties of PDLC-LSC devices are evaluated to realise the compatibility of using such devices in the built environment..
11. H. Yoshida, Anucha Konkanok, Y. Ogawa, Yuto Kawata, M. Ozaki, Jun-ichi Fukuda, Hirotsugu Kikuchi , Bragg reflection band width and optical rotatory dispersion of cubic blue phase liquid crystals, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 2016.11.
12. Atsuomi Shundo, Yasushi Okumura, Hirotsugu Kikuchi , Keiji Tanaka, Hierarchical spatial heterogeneity in liquid crystals composed of graphene oxides, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 10.1039/C6CP03614G, 18, 22399-22406, 2016.08.
13. Jun-ichi Fukuda, Yasushi Okumura, Hirotsugu Kikuchi , Calculation of confocal microscope images of cholesteric blue phases, Proceedings of SPIE, Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies XI, 10.1117/12.2209210, 9769, 976906-976906, 2016.03.
14. Kazuhiro Ariki, Seiji Fukushima, Y. Igarashi, T. Hachino, Hiroki Higuchi, Hirotsugu Kikuchi , Variable Optical Attenuator Employing a Dye-Doped (Polymer/Liquid Crystal) Composite Film, 2015 IEEE International Broadband and Photonics Conference, 15-18, 2015.12.
15. Naoto Endo, Takahiro Matsumoto, Hirotsugu Kikuchi , M. Kimura, Study of Polymer-Stabilised Blue Phase Liquid Crystal on a Single Substrate, Liq. Cryst., 10.1080/02678292.2015.1055602, 43, 66-76, 2016.01.
16. Hirotsugu Kikuchi , Shogo Izena, Hiroki Higuchi, Yasushi Okumura, Kenji Higashiguchi, A Giant Polymer Lattice in a Polymer-Stabilized Blue Phase Liquid Crystal, Soft Matter, 10.1039/c5sm00711a, 11, 4572-4575, 2015.06.
17. G. Lim, Jae-Hyun Hwang, Hirotsugu Kikuchi , Sung-Kyu Hong, Effect of Reactive Monomer Concentration on Electro-Optical Properties in Polymer-Stabilized Blue Phase Liquid Crystals with Identical Chiral Dopant Concentrations, Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 10.1080/15421406.2014.956398, 609, 54-60, 2015.05.
18. Yuto Kawata, H. Yoshida, Shu Tanaka, Anucha Konkanok, M. Ozaki, Hirotsugu Kikuchi , Anisotropy of The Electro-Optic Kerr Effect in Polymer-Stabilized Blue Phases, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 10.1103/PhysRevE.91.022503, 91, 022503, 2015.06.
19. S. Fukushima, Kazuhiro Ariki, Koki Yoshinaga, Hiroki Higuchi, Hirotsugu Kikuchi , Infrared Extinction of a Dye-Doped (Polymer/Liquid Crystal) Composite Film, Crystals, 10.3390/cryst5010163, 163-171, 2015.03.
20. Beomjong Kim, Yeon Jung Um, Seongun Jeon, Hirotsugu Kikuchi , Sung-Kyu Hong, Enlargement of Blue-Phase Stability for Rod-Like Low-Molecular-Weight Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal Mixtures, Liq. Cryst., 10.1080/02678292.2014.936531, 41, 1619-1626, 2014.05.
21. Takumi Inadomi, Shogo Ikeda, Yasushi Okumura, Hirotsugu Kikuchi , Nobuyoshi Miyamoto, Photo-Induced Anomalous Deformation of Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide) Gel Hybridized with an Inorganic Nanosheet Liquid Crystal Aligned by Electric Field, Macromol. Rapid Commun., 10.1002/marc.201400333, 35, 1741-1746, 2014.07.
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