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Takumi Inoue Last modified date:2017.05.19

Professor / Dynamics of Machinery / Department of Mechanical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Takumi Inoue, Introduction of research group of “Dynamics of Mechanical Systems”, 2012.09.
2. New Diagnosis Technique with Ultrasonic Pulse frequecncy
Takumi Inoue
Inspection Engineering, Vol.15, 11, PP.1-7. 2010. 11.
3. New Technology Presentation Meeting
New Diagnosis Technique of Ultrasonic Pulse
Takumi Inoue .
4. Wavelet analysis and its capability
Takumi Inoue
6th summer seminar in Dynamics and Design Conference 2008.
5. A yearbook of mechanical engineerin, 2002.
6. What is a role of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers ?.
7. A yearbook of mechanical engineerin, 1999.