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Uchino Kiichiro Last modified date:2017.04.10

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This home-page introduces the laboratory of plasma engineering. .
Academic Degree
Dr of Engineering
Field of Specialization
Plasma Physics and Engineering, Electrical Discharge Engineering
Research Interests
  • Plasma thin film deposition of two-component metal oxides which can be used for a strage battery
    keyword : strage battery plasma thin film deposition metal oxide
  • Studies on production and diagnostics of processing plasmas used for fabrication of thin film solar cells
    keyword : solar cell plasma large area new production method Thomson scattering electron density temperature
  • Application of femto-second laser post-ionization to the TOF mass spectrometer
    keyword : mass analysis, femto-second laser, multiphoton ionization, time of flight
  • Collective Thomson scattering diagnostics of plasmas for extreme ultra-violet light source
    keyword : Lithography, laser produced plasmas, discharge produced plasmas, laser diagnostics, electron density, electron temperature
  • Laser Thomson scattering diagnostics of micro-plasmas for plasma display panel (PDP)
    keyword : PDP, laser diagnostics, plasma, discharge, electron density, electron temperature
Current and Past Project
  • Development of a plasma CVD device for fabrication of a non rare earth metal strage battery based on the semiconductor thin film
  • Development of a mass spectrometer system with ultra-high sensitivity and ultra-trace sampling for practical use
  • Development of Nobel Mass Spectrometer with Ultra-High Sensitivity and Ultra-Trace Sampling for Planetary Exploration
Academic Activities