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Satoshi Hata Last modified date:2018.07.02

Professor / Quantum Physicality Course / Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering / Faculty of Engineering Sciences

1. Chapter 9 Transmission electron microscopy (TEM).
2. Satoshi Hata, Makoto Inoue, Noriyuki Kuwano, Yoshitsugu Tomokiyo, Dependence of ordering process in Ni-based 1 1/2 0 alloy on alloying elements
Complex Inorganic Solids −Structural, Stability, and Magnetic Properties of Alloys−
Edited by Patrice E. A. Turchi, Antonios Gonis, Krishna Rajan, and Annemarie Meike
, Springer Science+Business Media, Inc., New York, 159-174, 2005.12.