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Satoshi Hata Last modified date:2019.02.27

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Academic Degree
Dr. Eng.
Field of Specialization
Metal physics, Electron microscopy
Outline Activities
Transmission electron miscroscopy for materials science
Nanostructure characterization of advanced structural and functional materials
Education of electron microscopy
Electron tomography
Research Interests
  • Short-range order in Ni-Mo alloys studied by high-resolution electron microscopy
    keyword : short-range order, Ni-Mo alloy, HRTEM, Monte Carlo simulstion
    1994.01~2001.03Short-range order structures and ordering processes in Ni-Mo alloy studied by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and computer simulation.
  • Rapidly solidified Ti-Al based alloys studied by transmission electron microscopy
    keyword : PREP, Ti-Al-Mo alloy, ball milling
    1996.01~2009.03Fabrication of ultra-fine grain structures in Ti-Al-Mo high temperature materials by PREP and ball-milling proceses.
  • ALCHEMI study of multi-component alloys
    keyword : ALCHEMI, multi-component alloy
    1999.01~2003.03Quantitative analysis of ordered atomic arrangements in multi-component alloys by ALCHEMI.
  • Microstructure in TiAl alloys
    keyword : Microstructure TiAl superstructure ordering
    2001.01Study of long-period superstructures in Al-rich TiAl novel structure material.
  • Microstructure and mechanical properties of Fe-Cu alloy
    keyword : Fe-Cu alloy, scanning transmission electron microscopy
    2003.01Study of microstructure formation in Cu-containing steel.
  • Microstructural control of MgB2 superconducting materials
    keyword : MgB2, superconductivity, film, tape, wire, analytical electron microscopy
    2003.01Nanostructure analysis of MgB2 superconducting films and wires by analytical electron microscopy.
  • Microstructure in bone tissue studied by transmission electron microscopy
    keyword : bone, tissue, apatite
    2003.01~2010.03Analysis of preferential alignment of biological apatite crystallites in bone.
  • Electron tomography for crystalline materials
    keyword : electron tomography, 3D, crystalline material
    2004.01Electron tomography of crystalline nanostructures.
  • Advanced heat resistant steel
    keyword : heat resistant steel
    2007.04~2015.03R & D of advanced heat resistant steel.
  • Si-based semiconducting materials for new devices
    keyword : Si semiconductor device
    2007.04~2012.03R & D of silicon-related semiconducting crystals for advanced devices .
  • Study of bulk nanometals
    keyword : ultrafine grains, severe plastic deformation, grain boundary, crystal defects、electron microscopy
    2010.04R & D of silicon-related semiconducting crystals for advanced devices .
  • Microstructural analysis of Bi-based superconducting materials
    keyword : superconducting properties, crystal defects、electron microscopy
    2010.04R & D of silicon-related semiconducting crystals for advanced devices .
Current and Past Project
  • Innovation of novel functional materials by giant straining process
Academic Activities
1. Chapter 9 Transmission electron microscopy (TEM).
2. Satoshi Hata, Makoto Inoue, Noriyuki Kuwano, Yoshitsugu Tomokiyo, Dependence of ordering process in Ni-based 1 1/2 0 alloy on alloying elements
Complex Inorganic Solids −Structural, Stability, and Magnetic Properties of Alloys−
Edited by Patrice E. A. Turchi, Antonios Gonis, Krishna Rajan, and Annemarie Meike
, Springer Science+Business Media, Inc., New York, 159-174, 2005.12.
1. Three-Dimensional Observation of Lattice Defects Using Electron Tomography.
2. Prospects of three-dimensional microstructural analysis techniques and their applications to structural materials.
3. Microstructure of isothermal omega-phase in beta-Ti alloys.
4. Electron tomography to visualize dislocations in three-dimension.
5. Three-dimensional visualization of lattice defects by electron tomography.
6. Observation of microstructure formation in an in-situ fabrication process of MgB2 superconducting tapes.
7. Effectiveness of scanning transmission electron microscopy observation with medium and low magnifications for steels.
8. Three-dimensional observation of superlattice domains in ordering alloys by DFTEM tomography.
9. Atomistic structure of short-range order state in alloys, S. Hata and S. Matsumura, Journal of the Japan Society of Crystals, 44, 225 (2002). (Japanese).
1. Optimal conditions for electron microscopy observation of ferrous samples.
2. Recent advancement of electron tomography and its applications.
3. Orientation mapping of polycrystalline nanostructures by nanobeam electron diffraction.
4. Electron tomography: a method of three-dimensional imaging of nanostructure using TEM.
5. Developments in three-dimensional electron microscopy methods at Kyushu University.
6. Morphology of defects near surfaces of metals observed by TEM.
7. Observation of microstructural evolution in heat-treatment processes of Bi-base superconducting films.
8. Dependence of heat treatment temperatures on microstructure in drawn pearlitic steel wires.
9. Topics on three-dimensional image reconstruction in electron tomography: from the viewpoint of materials research.
10. Advancements of 3D electron microscopy for nanostructural analysis.
11. Microstructural evolution with low-temperature heat treatments in drawn pearlitic steel.
12. Microstructure and mechanical property of MgB2.
13. Practical issues on electron tomography observation in iron-base samples.
14. Change in crystallographic orientation distribution of ferrite in drawn pearlitic steel wire with low-temperature heat treatment.
15. Influences of coarse atomic clusters on strength and ductility in Al-Mg-Si alloy
16. Methods of electron tomography observation for ferromagnetic materials.
17. Novel three-dimensional imaging using electron beam.
18. Crystalline phase-orientation mapping of elasticity anormally Fe-Ni-Co-Ti based alloy after severe plastig deformation.
19. Microstructural change in drawn pearletic steel wires by low-temperature heat treatments.
20. On the preferential growth directions on SrAl2O4:Eu mechano-luminescent material.
21. Influences of crystal interfaces on dislocation morphology in metal Mo.
22. Development and applications of transmission electron microscopy techniques for microstructural observations in metallic materials
23. Influence of mirror force on dislocations in molybdenum bicrystals
24. Microstructural observations of metallic materials using advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques.
25. Satoshi Hata, T. Nakano, U. D. Kulkarni, A. Arya, P. S. Gosh, G. K. Dey, H. Nakashima, Long-period superstructures and their ordering behaviour in Al-rich TiAl alloy: seeing nanostructure apart from phase diagrams, The International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) (THERMEC 2013) International Conference in Asia 2013, 2013.12.
26. Influence of mirror force on dislocations in molybdenum observed by electron tomography.
27. Satoshi Hata, U. D. Kulkarni, A. Arya, S. Matsumura, H. Nakashima, Ordering phenomena in alloys manifesting influences of long-range atomic interactions, International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (THERMEC 2013), 2013.12.
28. Influences of B/Mg ratios and starting powders on microstructure of in-situ MgB2 wires with Mg2Cu addition.
29. Satoshi Hata, Electron tomography observation of microstructure in crystalline materials, International Center for Materials Research (ICMR) Summer School on Materials in 3D: Modeling and Imaging at Multiple Length Scales, 2013.08.
30. Satoshi Hata, K. Sato, M. Murayama, H. Nakashima, Optimise electron tomography observation conditions for ferromagnetic samples: the case of ferritic steel, International Conference on Electron Microscopy and XXXIV Annual Meeting of the Electron Microscope Society of India (EMSI), 2013.07.
31. Measurement of electron deflection in transmission electron microscopy observation of ferromagnetic materials.
32. Assessment of STEM tilt-series observation conditions for magnetic specimens.
33. Development of high-angle triple-axis specimen holders.
34. Study of electron tomography observation conditions for magnetic materials.
35. Satoshi Hata, Y. Shimada, T. Kajihara, K. Ikeda, H. Nakashima, K. Higashikawa, M. Inoue, T. Kiss, A. Matsumoto, H. Kitaguchi, H. Kumakura, T. Doi, J. H. Kim, S. X. Dou, Strategy of microstructural observation for the development of superconducting materials, 2013 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit, 2013.04.
36. Preliminary observation of microstructure in materials by low-mag STEM.
37. Relationship between microstructure and heat treatment conditions of Bi,Pb-2223 thin films fabricated by sputtering methods.
38. The fabrication of high-Tc Bi,Pb2223 thin films by multilayer thin film method.
39. Electron microscopy observation of superconducting materials.
40. Electron tomography observation of two-step phase separation process in Fe-Al-Ni alloy.
41. Electron tomography observation of two-step phase separation process in Fe-Al-Ni alloy.
42. Two-step phase separation behavior in Fe- and Ni-base alloys.
43. Three-dimensional observation of lattice defects in crystals by electron tomography.
44. Relationship between local change of crystalline texture and microstructure in SmBa2Cu3Oy superconducting tape.
45. 3D observation of dislocations at grain boundary in Mo bicrystal after compressive deformation.
46. Three-dimensional visualization of nanostructure in crystals by electron microscopy.
47. Promising applications of advanced electron microscopy to bulk nanometals.
48. Microstructure in Cu added MgB2 wire using a Mg2Cu compound as the additional source material.
49. Microstructural observation of MgB2 wires by x-ray computed tomography.
50. Microstructure in MgB2 thin film prepared on Al tapes.
51. Application of TEM tomography to crystal materials using diffraction contrast.
52. HVEM-EELS tomography observation of Ni-based alloys.
53. Microstructure in Mg2Cu-doped MgB2 superconducting wires.
54. Importance of macrostructural observation in MgB2 superconducting materials.
55. Application of TEM tomography to crystal materials using diffraction contrast.
56. Achievements of TEM tomography observations for metallic materials.
57. Three-dimensional distribution of dislocations observed by TEM.
58. STEM imaging and its application to three-dimensional tomography for steel research.
59. Issues on image resolution of TEM-CT for materials characterization.
60. Critical current property and microstructure in MgB2 tape fabricated by an internal Mg diffusion method.
61. Three-dimensional observation of dislocation microstructure in Ni-based superalloy after creep deformation.
62. Characterization of metallic materials by TEM tomography.
63. Applied Superconductivity Conference 2010.
64. Microstructural observation of initial stages of two-step phase separation in Ni-Al-Ti alloy by electron tomography.
65. Microstructure in MgB2 superconducting film after etching process to fabricate a micro-bridge shaped structure.
66. Observation of crystalline microstructures by energy-filtered HVEM.
67. High-angle triple-axis specimen holder and its applications.
68. Microstructure in MgB2 wires prepared by an internal Mg diffusion method.
69. Critical current properties and microstructural control in MgB2 superconducting films.
70. Analysis of distributions of crystallographic orientations in polycrystalline MgB2 superconducting bulks.
71. Development of TEM tomography observation of microstructure in crystals.
72. Enhancement of critical current density by controlling microstructure in MgB2 superconducting thin films.
73. Jc properties and microstructure in MgB2 bulks fabricated by a premix-PICT diffusion method.
74. Microstructural observation of MgB2 superconducting bulks fabricated by a PICT diffusion method.
75. Experimental evaluation of the feasibility of three-dimensional reconstruction in electron tomography.
76. Experimental evaluation of the feasibility of three-dimensional reconstruction in electron tomography.
77. Three-dimensional visualization of crystalline microstructures by transmissioin electron microscopy.
78. Fundamentals of TEM tomography and its application to metals etc..
79. Electron microscopy observation of oxygen distribution in MgB2 polycrystalline microstructures.
80. Thin-film specimen preparation and transmission electron microscopy observation of bone using techniques of material characterization.
81. Microstructural observation of heat treatment processes in in-situ MgB2 tapes.
82. Recent findings in microstructural observations of MgB2.
83. Microstructural observation of heat treatment processes in in-situ MgB2 tapes.
84. Study on the accuracy of three-dimensional reconstructions in dark-field TEM tomography.
85. Quantitative evaluation of dislocation microstructure in steel by STEM tomography.
86. Three-dimensional analysis of omega phase in omega-Ti alloy by electron tomography.
87. Thin-film specimen preparation and transmission electron microscopy observation of bone using techniques of material characterization.
88. Characterization of metallic materials using TEM tomography.
89. Reduction of FIB damage layers using a plasma cleaner.
90. Electron microscopy observation of biological apatite in femur of mouse.
91. Electron tomography observation of microstructure in crystals.
92. Observation conditions for convergent beam electron diffraction patterns of body-centered cubic iron.
93. Long-period superstructure phases and their defect structures in Al-rich TiAl.
94. Electron microscopy study of microstructure in bone by researchers of materials.
95. Present status of three-dimensional visualization by 3D-TEM.
96. New approach to microstructure analysis in steel using nano-probe electron microscopy techniques.
97. Mechanical properties of high density MgB2 bulk.
98. Influence of doping with carbon compounds on microstructure in MgB2 tape.
99. Composition dependence on microstructure in MgB2 film fabricated by electron beam evaporation.
100. TEM observation of endochondral ossification regions of rat.
101. Observation of deformed microstructures containing large strain using a STEM diffraction contrast method.
102. Three-dimensional structure analysis of dislocations using an ADF method.
103. TEM observation of high-density MgB2 bulk.
104. Electron microscopy observation of formation and crystallographic orientations of hydroxyapatite crystals in the region of endochondral ossification.
105. Development of electron tomography techniques for intermetallic materials.
106. Phase separation of gamma and gamma’ phases in Ni-Si-Fe alloy.
107. Three-dimensional electron tomography observation of high-Cr ferritic high-temperature steel with V and Nb addition.
108. Microstructure observation of superconductors by transmission electron microscopy.
109. Three-dimensional electron tomography observation of high-Cr ferritic high temperature steel.
110. Three-dimensional TEM observation of phase separation of ’ particles in Ni-Al-Ti alloys.
111. Jc-B property of MgB2 thin film with nanometre-sized Ni layers introduced as artificial pinning centers..
112. TEM/STEM observation of Cu precipitates and dislocations in Fe-Cu alloy.
113. FIB-TEM observation of microstructures near a growth plate of a femur of mouse.
114. Observation of three-dimensional microstructures of ordered domain variants using dark-field TEM tomography.
115. Attempt of microstructure observation of hard tissues using FIB-TEM.
116. Three-dimensional morphorogy analysis of gamma particles precipitated from gamma' phase in Ni-Al-Ti alloy.
117. Dependence of heat treatment conditions on Al2Ti-type long-period ordered state in TiAl single crystal with composition gradient.
118. Three-dimensional domain structure in alloys observed by TEM.
119. Electron microscopy observation of Cu particles and dislocations in Fe-3 mass% Cu alloy.
120. TEM analysis of site-occupancy of oxygen in InN thin film fabricated by MBE method.
121. Three-dimensional microstructure analysis of crystalline materials using electron tomography.
122. Influence of oxgen atoms introduced in III-group nitride crystal on its physical property.
123. Microstructures of MgB2 thin films fabricated with introducing oxygen.
124. Microstructure observation of MgB2 thin film with introducing nanometre-sized Ni layers.
125. TEM observation of in-situ MgB2 tape doped with thiophene.
126. Introduction of pinning centers into MgB2 thin film using nanosized layered structures.
127. Pinning effect of very thin Ni-layers inserted with a interval of 15 nm in MgB2 superconducting film.
128. Properties of microstructures in MgB2 observed by TEM (Part 2).
129. Three-dimensional observation of ordered domain structures by dark-field TEM tomography.
130. Microstructures of outer pressure-type whiskers grown on tin plates.
131. Influence of one-direction diffusion on long-period ordering in Al-rich TiAl single crystal.
132. Three-dimensional observation of Ni4Mo-type ordered domain structure using dark-field TEM tomography.
133. Electron microscopy observation of interactions between dislocations and Cu particles in Fe-Cu alloy.
134. TEM analysis of nano-SiC doped MgB2 superconducting tapes.
135. Microstructural features of MgB2 studied by TEM.
136. Formation of APBs in higher-order superstructure phases and controlling long-period superstructures.
137. Assessment of observation conditions for dark-field TEM tomography of ordering alloys.
138. FIB-TEM analysis of microstructural changes with nano-SiC doping in in-situ MgB2 tapes.
139. Three-dimensional observation of microstructures in ordering alloys -attempt of dark-field TEM tomography-.
140. Influence of disperesion of Cu nanoparticles on tensile deformation behaviour in steel.
141. Influence of Cu segregation at grain boundaries on grain growth of austenite.
142. Optimization of observation conditions for dark-field TEM tomography of ordering alloys.
143. Influence of kinetics on microstructure formation in ordering alloys -long-period ordering in Al-rich TiAl alloy-.
144. STEM-EDX analysis of Cu at austenite grain boundaries.
145. Effect of addition of SiC nano-particles on microstructures and superconducting properties in MgB2 tapes.
146. Microstructural Study of SiC-doped MgB2/Fe Superconducting Tapes Fabricated by in situ Powder-in-tube Process.
147. Effect of plasma cleaning on damage layers of FIB-prepared specimens.
148. Observation of ordered and disordered domain particles in Ni-Al-Ti alloys by dark-field TEM tomography.
149. Ordering Process and Formation of Anti-Phase Boundary in Long-Period Superstructures of Al-Rich TiAl Single Crystals.
150. Three-Dimensional Observation of Ordered and Disordered Precipitates Using Dark-Field TEM Tomography.
151. Fabrication of LiCoO2 nano-particles using an excess Li method.
152. Damaged microstructure in A335B steel (2)- STEM observation.
153. Effect of nano-SiC doping on microstructure of in situ powder-in-tube MgB2 tape.
154. Microstructures of MgB2 Superconducting Films Fabricated by in situ EB and ex situ PLD Techniques.
155. Attempt of improving TEM image quality of FIB-prepared specimens by plasma cleaner.
156. Observation of γ and γ' precipitates in Ni-Al-Ti alloy by dark-field TEM tomography.
157. Nanostructure analysis of Cu-Ti-based bulk metallic glass by transmission electron microscopy.
  • Wide area dislocation density mapping by SEM electron channeling contrast imaging
  • The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials Meritorious Award
  • Three-dimensional visualization of lattice defects by electron tomography
  • High-angle triple-axis specimen holder and its applications
  • 3D Visualization of Dislocation Arrangements in Austenitic Stainless Steel with Dual-Axis STEM Tomography
  • Transmission electron microscopy observation of planar defects in SrAl2O4-based stress-induced luminescent material
  • High-resolution electron microscopy observation of twin interfaces in SrAl2O4:Eu2+ stress-induced luminescent material
  • Complete three-dimensional visualization of dislocations in stainless austenitic steel
  • EDS analysis and 3D observation of precipitates at lath boundaries in high-strength and high-temperature steel with V addition
  • Analysis of long-period superstructures in Al-rich TiAl studied by composition-gradient single crystals and a focused ion beam microsampling method
  • Study of short-range ordered structures in alloys by quantitative high-resolution electron microscopy
  • Study of microscopic mechanism of short- and long-range ordering in Ni-Mo alloy
Educational Activities
Exercises to study quantum properties of materials
Experiments to study quantum properties of materials
Fundamentals of nanostructural analysis for materials science
Overview of quantum properties of materials IV
Fundamentals of physical properties and microstructures of materials
Experiments to study materials science and engineering
Exercises to study materials science and engineering
Introduction to physics B