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Satoshi Hata Last modified date:2018.07.02

Professor / Quantum Physicality Course / Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering / Faculty of Engineering Sciences

1. Three-Dimensional Observation of Lattice Defects Using Electron Tomography.
2. Prospects of three-dimensional microstructural analysis techniques and their applications to structural materials.
3. Microstructure of isothermal omega-phase in beta-Ti alloys.
4. Electron tomography to visualize dislocations in three-dimension.
5. Three-dimensional visualization of lattice defects by electron tomography.
6. Observation of microstructure formation in an in-situ fabrication process of MgB2 superconducting tapes.
7. Effectiveness of scanning transmission electron microscopy observation with medium and low magnifications for steels.
8. Three-dimensional observation of superlattice domains in ordering alloys by DFTEM tomography.
9. In-situ heating SEM/EBSD analysis of recrystallization behavior in pure aluminum foils
Report of the center of advanced instrumental analysis, Kyushu University
10. Atomistic structure of short-range order state in alloys, S. Hata and S. Matsumura, Journal of the Japan Society of Crystals, 44, 225 (2002). (Japanese).
11. Asia Pacific Conference of Electron Microscopy 7th APEM, S. Hata, Electron Microscopy, 36, 75 (2001). (Japanese).