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Kazuo Ogata Last modified date:2019.06.14

Professor / Tropical Crops and the Envrionment /

1. Dinh Thanh Sang, Hyakumura Kimihiko and Ogata Kazuo, Livelihood and Local Ecological Knowledge in Cat Tien Biosphere Reserve, Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges for Biodiversity Conservation. In Natarajan Ishwaran ed. "The Bioshere", Intechweb.Org, pp. 261-284, 2012.03.
2. K. Ogata and Ha Quang Hung, Insect Collection and Preservation: A Manual for the Techniques., HAU-JICA ERCB Project. Hanoi Agricultureal University, Hanoi, Vietnam., 34 pp., 2003.08.
3. Japanese Ant Database Group, Ants of Japan, Gakken, Tokyo., 224 pp., 2003.06.