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HIDESHI YASUI Last modified date:2019.07.05

Professor / Agricultural Bioresource Sciences / Department of Bioresource Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture

1. 1. Phi, C. N., D. Fujita, Y. Yamagata, A. Yoshimura, H. Yasui. , High-resolution mapping of GRH6, a gene from Oryza nivara Sharma et Shastry conferring resistance to green rice leafhopper (Nephotettix cincticeps Uhler) Breed. Sci. (Accepted), 丸善出版, 2019.05.
2. HIDESHI YASUI, The genetics of host-plant resistance to rice planthopper and leafhopper. In Planthoppers: new threats to the sustainability of intensive rice production systems in Asia., International Rice Research Institute, pp389-400. 2010, 2010.03.